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Almost Over...

...the vacation, that is.

Got back about an hour ago to find out that our internet is being fickle. So here I sit at Panera, grabbing an early dinner while I check my email.

TOTALLY LOVED my week in of the BEST vacations I've ever had. I really fell hook, line and sinker in love with CO. Now I know what my friends that have lived there then move away mean when they say they would go back in a heartbeat. I know I would. Heartbeat.

Tomorrow is back to work. Yay. NOT!

Closing thought. Yesterday in CO it was 97 degrees and 8% humidity. Delray Beach is currently 94 degrees and 85% humidity.

Hmmmmm....would someone please remind me why I live here??

Heaven Is...

* Colorado
* No Humidty
* Good Hair Days
* Hanging out and spending the day with one of my bestest buddies in the world
* Sleeping with the window open  every night
* No mosquitos or their constant biting
* Spending time with my parents who drove out to meet me this weekend
* And believe it or not, GETTING CARDED! Yep! Too funny, huh??


Yes, the A/C DOES FUCKING NEED TO BE SET AT 75 degrees. It's FUCKING FLORIDA, for godsakes and I am MELTING!!

Wear fleece.  Get under the covers. Close the air vents in your room. I'm DYING here, ok??

6 more hours and I'll be gone for a week. Turn the A/C off and open the windows once I leave, but for now, more ways than one!



Ready For A Laugh???

My goal is to be all packed for my vacation and soundly sleeping by 11 pm until I get my 4 am wake up call.

OK, stop laughing. Stop. Really...I mean it.

A person can have (slightly unattainable) goals, can't they?

Have been a procrastinator all my life. Really don't think it will change anytime soon. Still, I love a good challenge. Wanna join in??

Correctly guess what time my head hits the pillow and you win. What you win, I have no clue, but it'll be something cool!

The clock is ticking...which means I gotta get busy.


First Day Of School

Today is my buddy (and roomie's) first day of school. If all goes well...and I'm hoping it two more years he'll graduate with an A.S. degree in Respiratory Therapy.

I'm proud of him for several reasons...for realizing he wasn't happy in his last job, for spending the last year taking classes he'd need to pursue a medical career (earned an 'A' average while working 40+ hours per week), and for having the guts to start all over again at the tender age of 43.

I love it when actions speak louder than words.

Good luck buddy. Per your request, I promise to help you with your Medical Terminology class. I promise to keep the TV turned down when you're trying to study. And I promise to do my best to keep you pointed in the right direction when you need a push...or two....or maybe three.

The Drought Is Over

Had my first alcoholic drink since my laser procedure last night.

Told the roomie I wanted to go OUT for dinner because I was starving, there was no food in the house, and I'd just gotten my new Visa that I wanted to use locally before I left on my vacation.

At first he gave me the 'no, I'm on a budget' line....hello, who isn't??...but when I said I wanted it to be my treat since it's probably the last chance we'll have to eat dinner together (he starts Respiratory school on Monday) he relented and off we went to My Favorite Restaurant In DRB.

Killer place, killer ambiance, food, and DRINKS!

Black Raspberry Mojito...a little taste of heaven in your mouth. Damn, it was so good....wish I could share via internet with all of you.

The rest of the dinner was superb as well....Beef Tenderloin that melted in your mouth, Whipped Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Spinach that I didn't eat cause I really don't like Spinach. Even tho it did look pretty, presentation-wise.

Was wondering what, if any, effect the alcohol would have on me. Technically, I'm supposed to wait another week before doing any of the things on my 'FORBIDDEN' list :Drink alcohol, overexert myself, have caffeine (yes, have also not had my fave Coke with Lime since 1 Aug!), be outside in the heat, and the list goes on.

Did have a facial reaction...was really red for the rest of the night...but that's gone away...whew! Good thing I had a practice night. Just listened to a voicemail from my buddy Tom in CO. Seems there are several Red Bulls w/ Vodka waiting for my arrival next week. And Jager Bombs...Tom was the one that introduced me to Jager, so we totally have to have Jager Bombs. Nice!

5 more days. Think I'll have a beer to celebrate!


You are The Cap'n!

Some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some slit the throats of any man that stands between them and the mantle of power. You never met a man you couldn't eviscerate. Not that mindless violence is the only avenue open to you - but why take an avenue when you have complete freeway access? You are the definitive Man of Action. You are James Bond in a blousy shirt and drawstring-fly pants. Your swash was buckled long ago and you have never been so sure of anything in your life as in your ability to bend everyone to your will. You will call anyone out and cut off their head if they show any sign of taking you on or backing down. You cannot be saddled with tedious underlings, but if one of your lieutenants shows an overly developed sense of ambition he may find more suitable accommodations in Davy Jones' locker. That is, of course, IF you notice him. You tend to be self absorbed - a weakness that may keep you from seeing enemies where they are and imagining them where they are not.

What's Yer Inner Pirate?
brought to you by The Official Talk Like A Pirate Web Site. Arrrrr!


I got questions...lots of 'em...

* Why does the HGTV show Trading Up have two hosts that INSIST on doing the whole show (painting, renovating, etc) fully clothed in dressy attire for the whole episode? The male host wears a sports coat...BUTTONED ALL THE WAY UP...during the entire makeover. That is just so wrong. Plus, the renovation spans two days and they're wearing the SAME clothes the whole time. Dude, wear a t-shirt!

* Why does a male roommate see nothing wrong with farting and burping on an hourly basis, but god forbid the female roommate even mention the possibility of having farted...or burped...anytime in the last 10 YEARS and the male roomie freaks out??

* Why do so many baseball players spit? Eeewww...that is so gross. Grosser than farting or burping. Especially when you watch while eating dinner.

* Why do the marks on Overhaullin just not get it?? Hello, they watch the show allll the time!!!

* Why do some people never return calls until 5:29, when they've been sitting at home on their asses all day?

* Why do I always say I'm gonna go to bed before 10 pm and never ever make it before 1 am?

Happy Birthday Jillian :-)

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday Dearest Jillian
Happy Blogger Buddy Birthday To You!

Don't think of today as yet another 'Elvis Died This Day A Jillion Years Ago". Instead, think of this as 'Jillian's Birthday".

And in her honor, everyone should do the following -

#1- Stay drunk all night
#2- Sing Karaoke until they pass out
#3- Have a martini, shot or a beer to honor the woman you WANT to spend a hurricane with!

Have a great day, pearl-wearin' Birthday Girl :-)

xo :-) Your Boca Buddy

Virgin No More...

WaffleFirst. Waffle. EVER.

(What else did you think I meant?)

For the last several years, my roomie was always amazed when he would talk of waffles and I would say that I'd never had one. He was incredulous. Dumbfounded. Suspicious. How could I have grown up and never had a waffle? Pure craziness, he said.

When I was in recovery mode from my lasering, he took pity on my pain and general crappy mood and treated me to my first waffle ever. DAMN! These puppies are yummy!  All this time I figured they would taste like pancakes, which I am not really fond of.

But they don't...not at all.

Mentioned to my buddy Tom the other day that I'd recently had my first waffle (yeah, he was amazed too!) then he  proceeds to tell me how fantastic vanilla ice cream in between two freshly-made waffles tastes.  Hmmm...will have to try that next.

Waffles...the opportunities are endless, it seems :-)

Staying Put...For Now.

Got a peek at the house that my roomie wanted to buy.  Very cute, very charming, very small. And just one bathroom. Kick-ass huge backyard, however. Huge price as well.

As we left the house and he and his realtor discussed the details, he asked me what I thought. Was honest as always. Said it screamed potential, was cute, was charming and had a killer backyard. But no storage, not a lot of room and...oh bathroom.

Dropped them both off at home and I came back to work.

Roomie called me 10 minutes later. He's not going for it. Too much money for not enough space. WHEW!

I'm so relieved and I know he made the right decision.

So we're staying put...for now. He's promised to chill out on the whole 'looking for a house' phase. Told him whatever happens I'm cool with it...but next time, fall in love with a house that has 2 bathrooms.

It's the little things, ya know?

One Month Down...

This morning at breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios) I mentioned to the roomie (while he was cleaning out underneath the kitchen sink) that it's been a month since I moved in.

We both agreed it's going very well. He has been flexible on the A/C issue. He has honored my request of locking the front door when he leaves for work on the weekend. And joy of joys, he now puts the dirty-need-to-be-washed dishes on the right hand side of the sink. Right hand side, dirty. Left hand side, clean.

It's the little things that mean a lot.

We looked at another house after work tonite. HUGE backyard. Cute charming older house. One bathroom. (sigh) He wants a house...big time. With a big backyard. South FL real estate market is crazy...beyond big-time. If sharing a bathroom will help make his dream come true, then we'll share a bathroom.

After seeing the house, we went to a local restaurant so I could eat (was starving) and he could have a beer since he was not starving...not remotely hungry, even. That's a first!!

He got very serious and thanked me for being a great roomie, for suggesting his next career path to him and for introducing him to his girlfriend. He said I'd made his life very happy. A really nice moment that was actually very touching. Then I told him he really was a great roomie as well and no, he wasn't the PITA he always says he is. Cause he's not. Honest.

Then we came home and wound up in a heavy discussion over the diuretic effects of Coke. Discussion ends as it always does...he says he is right and I am wrong and that's all there is to it.

After that, we both laugh, he burps and farts then heads off to bed.

I stay in the living room and blog. With the A/C cranked just the way I like it.

Yep, it's the little things.

Weekend Update

Howdy gang.

Not much going on this weekend. Catching up on sleep and doing the weekendly cleaning I do every weekend. I'm lucky my roomie thinks being a clean-freak is cool...I don't know how I'd manage if I had to live with someone that prefers the ways of a slob.

Face is healing quicker than I had anticipated. No longer hurts to talk...or to laugh. I'm sure wearing Bacitracin 24/7 helps.

Nothing else to say and the house is as clean as it's gonna get, so I guess it's NNSD for now.