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Gotta LOVE 3 Day Weekends

Had a perfectly wonderful 3 day weekend!

Hung out with buddies Friday and Sunday, got a ton of errands done on Saturday, spent waaaay too much time online as well as writing in my journal (am going thru a huge decision-making process right now) and also spent time missing my Boca Buddies from last weekend.

Finalized plans for my cousin and his daughter to visit next Saturday, for one of my client/buddies (and his dog) to visit mid-June and for my parents to visit at the end of June. We here at Kathyland LOVE visitors almost as much as we love 3 day weekends!

And what's not to love about Steve Nash, Amare Stoudamire and team winning when it counted...Game 5 in Phoenix, baby!

Last but not least, spiffed up the blog with a fresh coat of pixels. I can't see the new version in Firefox, but others can. Sorry Jillian, I know you don't like purple :-)

Ok possums, hope you all had a very nice weekend...I know I did.

NNSD :-)

Weiner Surprise

That's what I named my grilled concoction for this evening's din-din.

Take 2 Kosher hot dogs, cut them into chunks, skewer with red,green and yellow bell peppers, add a cherry tomato or two and baste with BBQ sauce...then grill. The grilling is the surprise part...cause aren't you 'Surprised' I finally grilled on my own with no one to watch over me?

Was smooth sailing at first until the BBQ started sputtering (BIG! LITTLE!? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS WHEN I NEED YOU??) then conked out. Yikes. But I remained calm, turned off the other burner and closed off the tank. The weiner-bobs were cooked anyway.

After eating and talking to Little (who bought a new Murano today...YAY!) and Jillian (canvass, Jillian, canvass) i turned my phone to silent, headed upstairs to clean the bathroom and now I'm catching up on email before I call it a night.

Better mood today than yesterday...that's a good thing.

NNSD :-)

Oh Baby!

Seems there are more tangible types of hurricane memories than reliving our three days of 'Truth or Dare' during Hurricane Frances.

MSNBC reports about the Florida phenomenon of 'Hurricane Babies'.

The clip featured new parents at Boca Community telling tales of 'what we did during the hurricane' as well as my OB/GYN Dr. David Lubetkin offering his viewpoint on the baby boom.

Hmmm....babies or fond memories of being drunk and silly for 3 days?

No brainer choice as far as I'm concerned.

Jager, anyone?

Not A Good Day (aka Whinefest)

Woke up early without having to. Laid in bed wishing it was the weekend once more.  Missed my Boca Buddies and really didn't feel like going to work.

But I did.

Reviewed the 586 emails that had piled up in my Outlook. Some things that I had specifically asked to be handled a certain way were either not handled in the way I requested or else not handled at all.  Took an early lunch just to get out of work and drove around Delray convincing myself that going back to work and giving notice would not be a good thing.

Had Steak 'N' Shake at the Intracoastal...nice view that somewhat improved my mood.

2nd part of the afternoon was fucking NUTS. THANK GOODNESS three of my funniest clients called in to break up the  monotony and sadness.  Thanks Rich, Travis and Bill...I owe you guys big-time.

After work, wanted to come home to have 3 or 4 or 8 beers. Didn't, but wanted to. Wound up talking to my buddy Howard for venting purposes...that helped too.

The first day back from vacation is never easy, at least not for me.

Glad today is almost over. Tomorrow will be better, I know.

Thanks for listening to my Whinefest. Next time, I'll serve cheese to go with my whine!


Buh-Bye Boca BBQ Bash Buddies.  What else did you think it meant?

By now, the Scotts should be touching down any minute and Jillian isn't far from home either.

I am only just now starting towel laundry and the kitchen floor is drying from the first Swiffering of the day. Can you believe I waited this long? Me neither!

Was gonna grill, but the more I thought about it, the sadder it made me feel since I would be grilling ALL BY MYSELF. No Big or Little helping, no Jillian laughing, no Il Divo music I decided that for tonite I would pass on grilling. Maybe tomorrow.

Had a BLAST this weekend.  It was wonderful to meet Scott Little and Scott Big. After talking to Little all this time, the second I met him I felt that I'd known him all my life. Same for Big. And Jillian!  She returned!  The hurricanes and sidetracked campaigns did nothing to deter her love of all things FL.

Lots of fun was had, alcohol consumed, food, food and more food was eaten, and almost non-stop laughter the entire time they were here.

Important discoveries were made this weekend...I'll go first :

* It's never too early (or too late) to eat chocolate

* Anything that puts a little hop in your step is always a good thing

* Do not under ANY circumstances use Coconut Rum as a mixer unless you really really love the taste of cough syrup

* Ursula stories make us laugh

* Target trips are always a good thing

* Cook eggs on a grill? Really???

* Sea lice ARE NOT our friends

And the last thing I'll add is this.... if you want to have an incredibly kick-ass weekend, you'll just have to invite Scott, Scott and Jillian for a visit.

Just don't forget the M&M's!


Little texted me at the ungodly hour of crack of dawn (5:41) to say they got upgraded to First Class. And just now sent phone-cam pix to prove it.

Called Jillian at 6:13 to talk to her while she drove to the airport...except she was still sleeping. Oops!

As for me, I'm doing a load of laundry and then headed downstairs to wash the library windows and swiffer the floors. Meant to do the swiffering part right before I went to bed, but ran out of steam around 2.

Finally, being the uber anal-retentive control freak that I am, my Outlook from work is not forwarding to my home computer, so I need to pop into work and fix that problem before I get the truck washed and leave for FLL for Jillian. Scott and Scott are flying into WPB.

Which just so happens to be right around the corner from the WPB Cheesecake Factory.

No telling when I'll post next!

The Boca Bash is underway :-)

Happy Bruce and Brian Day!

Today is my buddy Bruce's birthday...the Big 50!  Called Bruce at midnite to wish him a happy...his answsering machine was full.  Bruce doesn't have email, or a cell phone, so I'll have to wait until he either clears his answering machine or is home when I call again.

As for Brian, texted him happy birthday at midnite. Initially a client and now a buddy,  Brian does have email and a cell, but doesn't have a link to my blog. He knows I have one, but we haven't gone there yet. One of these days. Brian turns 30 today. He splurged by getting a racing bike (he does triathalons) and is off kayaking for the weekend. Nice!

In honor of my birthday buddies, Raspberry Martini's will be consumed at lunch. Vodka-based cocktails for dinner. And after that, who knows?

Happy Birthday, Bruce and Brian. 

Enjoy your special day :-)

The H Word

I hear the H word as I'm vacuuming. Hurricane.  My stomach does somersaults.

Hurricane season doesn't officially start until next week, 1 June.  Guess Hurricane Adrian couldn't wait to make an appearance. 

Here's hoping this hurricane season is much safer and milder than last season. 

From my lips to God's ears.

Procrastinating Again

Scottsquared and Jillian arrive tomorrow. Have a ton of cleaning still to do. So OF COURSE I am procrastinating.

There was considerable activity earlier tonite,tho.

Groceries acquired...Cool Ranch Dorito's, Diet Tonic Water, Skim Milk were Jillian's requests...Scott and Scott didn't request anything so I bought some goodies I thought they might like. And Travis gave me a kick-ass recipe involving beer, frozen pink lemonade and Vodka...or was it Gin? Picked up Baccardi Rum Mixers while I was at it. And beer. Chips. Soda. Hummus and Pita.

Cape Cod room is ready. Waiting for the linens for the library bed to finish drying. Have vacuumed the upstairs, now it's time to do the downstairs, and Swiffer the hell out of the kitchen, entry and downstairs bathroom floor.

Jillian, the fishy dish has been replenished with M&M's.

I'd say it's time to get the party started.

But first, it's back to cleaning!

Talked Out

I talk at work. A LOT! I'm a recruiter and talking on the phone is how I do my job, how I communicate (for the most part) with my clients, and how I pay my bills.

But lately I am getting talked out. 

Still in recovery mode from the cold/sore throat I had 2 weeks ago. Lately, my voice starts to crap out around 3-3:30.  Weekends help, since I don't work on the weekends, but I gotta tell ya, this is getting old.

Have started IM ing my clients...well, all two of them that are into IM.  And I am on an email basis with several more.  For the most part, it's about 96% phone based.

The clients I really adore I always love talking to no matter how crappy I'm feeling (and all 3 of you that read this know I'm telling the truth).  So what to do?

Reading minds? Have tried, doesn't work. Mental telepathy? I wish!

Anyway, I'm home now and it's blissfully quiet. Have no desire to call anyone.

Have any ideas that I haven't thought of, feel free to share.

Whatever you do, please don't call me, ok??


Am exhausted.

Thanks Jullian for calling to wake me up...two days in a row I have actually been awake when you've called.

Long day at work yesterday, then came home to vege. After having a beer and settling in to watch tv, at 9pm I told myself 'ENOUGH', changed clothes and headed off to the gym. Got a decent 45 minute workout in, then came home to do more stretches and crunches.

Went to bed without eating dinner cause I forgot all about dinner....the beer must have filled me up.

So now I'm sitting here in bed trying to stay awake. Blogging helps. Although I do have to retype almost every line.

Happy Tuesday.

3 more days, possums :-)

Random Ten

Lots of bloggers do a 'Random Ten' list every Friday where they list the first 10 random songs on their iPod.

Gee...reading that sounds like we're geeks. Hmmm...whatever...geeks rock!

Pretend it's's my Top Ten :

  1. Everything They Say - Scott Andrew And The Walkingbirds - Where I've Been 
  2. The Middle -  Jimmy Eat World- Bleed American
  3. Online Songs - Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants
  4. Jerk It Out - Ceasars - 39 Minutes of Bliss
  5. American Idiot -Green Day - American Idiot
  6. Nobody Knows -Live - V
  7. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling - Camino Palmero
  8. Rings - Toad the Wet Sprocket - Coil
  9. Brian Wilson - Best of BNL
  10. Wishful Thinking - Alphaville - Salvation

An Incredible Blog

Alli has this to say :

Choices are made in tiny moments that can change hours of people’s lives, erase years of history. Falling off of a cliff, sometimes you turn around to see who pushed you before you realize that you jumped on your own. Nobody feels hate like the hated, and likewise, those who love are loved in return.

Back In The Day...

Back when I had my own headhunting business in Northern California, one of my clients used to tell the following story.

The set up went like this...

'You're on a burning boat in the middle of the ocean. There is an island that you can swim to, although it won't be easy. The question is: Are you swimming away from something or swimming towards something?'.

I realized last night that I'm swimming towards something.

From My Dear Deer

  1. Speed of Sound   Coldplay
  2. The Hand That Feeds  Nine Inch Nails
  3. Best of You  Foo Fighters   
  4. E-Pro   Beck   
  5. Goodnight Goodnight  Hot Hot Heat   
  6. Mr. Jones Counting Crows   
  7. A Long December  Counting Crows 
  8. Bizarre Love Triangle  New Order 
  9. I Wanna Be Sedated  Ramones   
  10. Rock the Casbah   The Clash 
  11. Be My Escape   Relient K
  12. Bullet With Butterfly Wings  Smashing Pumpkins
  13. Father Christmas  The Kinks 
  14. Photograph   Def Leppard 
  15. Classical Gas   Mason Williams   
  16. Superman  Five for Fighting   
  17. Oh Sherrie  Steve Perry   
  18. Rain On the Scarecrow John Mellencamp 

And On That Note...

Calling it a relatively early night.

Have mucho blogging to catch up on, actually today.

7 MORE DAYS 'TIL THE BOCA BASH!!  (Chris, if you're reading, this includes you!)

Feel better Jillian and welcome back Scotty.

Downloaded fun songs from iTunes...thanks Scotty my Deer.

Tomorrow night I try to assemble my new gas grill. But first, need to find a way to get it out of my truck.

And on that note..

NNSD :-)

My Own Personal Groundhog Day

Have you seen the movie 'Groundhog Day'? The one where Bill Murray keeps repeating his day, day after day after day? Actually, I haven't seen the ENTIRE movie...always seem to see it after pizza and if that were a math equation, pizza=full tummy+dark room+dvd= snoozeland before the beginning credits finish scrolling.

So while I haven't seen it from beginning to end, I am familiar with the premise.

And right now I'm experiencing my own personal groundhog day.

Every night I stay up late...blogging, emailing, blogging some more until I finally fall asleep around 1 or 2 or oh, I dunno, maybe 4? Then I shut off my cell alarm in my sleep...even when I place it across the room...and wake up with a start at 7:45 and FREAK cause once again I've overslept.

Then the questions start. Do I have time enough to eat AND blow dry my hair, or will I risk getting sent home if I pass on the blowdrying and just wear a baseball cap?  Being too tired to think rationally, I say 'screw it' and go into work with wet hair shoved under my baseball cap and a full tummy of Cheerios...hey, ya gotta start the day with a good breakfast. And there is NO WAY my clients on the phone will know I have wet hair shoved into a baseball cap unless I tell I won't.

So far I've been lucky and have not been caught. You would think I would learn a lesson from this. You would think I could 'just step away from the iBook' and no one would get hurt. You would think I might get a clue that this repetitive behavior of mine might not be a great thing?

Yeah, you would think.

The first thing I thought to myself this morning was ' no blogging for you're going to bed right after the  Heat Game. Well, the Heat won, the Spurs game has come and gone, and still I'm upright, surfing away.

Listening to my iTunes...hoping I don't turn my alarm off once more in my sleep but full well knowing I will.

OMG! I have it!!  I don't need to go to bed earlier!  All I need is a wakeup service to call me on my cell every morning and make sure I am vertical before they hang up. Wow. I feel SO much better. That's the ticket.

Who needs Bill Murray anyway?