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The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

TGIF and Shabbat Shalom.

Happen to have internet access at this precise second, so let's see if I can type fast enough.

Waited for Adelphia to call between 1-5. At 4:30, called Customer Service, who said they came out to the house already and everything was fixed. When I asked why wasn't I called, they said 'we called your home # and no one answered'. A lie right off the bat, since I only have a cell and my sister Kelly and my buddy Howard were the only ones that called my cell all day.

So I came home, internet still not fixed. Called Adelphia AGAIN. Said they'd get a technician out within 2 hours. Then a call saying either Sat pm, Sun pm or Weds am.

Sunfest is this weekend (yay!) so guess I'll wait for Weds.

This is getting old.  Modem is crashing about 10-20 times an hour and I know I'm very low tech, but something is obviously just not right.

I'll check in when I can but between Sunfest and cranky intenet, doubt I'll be blogging much this weekend.

I Love This (yawn) Game!

Internet is back up...for now...and I'm up too, watching Steve Nash do an absolutely Kick-Ass job.  When John Stockton retired from the Utah Jazz (a moment of silence) Steve Nash became my favorite NBA player.

I love basketball...grade school, high school, NCAA, NBA and anything that requires putting a basketball thru a hoop. It does slightly suck when your favorite player is usually on a team that is to the West of the East. Which means late nights.

Yeah, a minor technicality. I'll survive.

Who needs sleep when you get to watch the game that to me epitomizes the phrase 'poetry in motion'??

Internetless :-(

(blogging from work...ssshhh...our secret!!)

My internet access has been sporadic over the last three days.  Went home at lunch to take care of spam issues (ok, all together now...'Bloggers Hate Spam') and discovered once again that Adelphia was down.

Service dude arrives tomorrow afternoon...of course between the hours of 1p-6p.  Don't call us, we'll call you.

May do a Panera run after work so I can use their I addicted or what??

Don't answer that...cause I won't be able to read your answers anytime soon!

Life In Kathyland

Last night my buddy Abby and I co-hosted an Earth Day Party on behalf of FLORIDA PIRG.

The party was held at my house and since several of the guests had never been here before, I gave the ones that were interested a tour of my house.

As someone who used to be a horrendous packrat/clutterbug ('used to be' is the key phrase) it always cracks me up when people assume I've always been neat and tidy.  Not so much.

So here's a virtual tour for you.  Please don't assume that it's easy for me to keep things this way. I struggle at keeping things organized and clutter-free every day. Sometimes I'm too tired/lazy/bored to stick to my habits. Guess it's the fear of backsliding into 'the way I used to be' that drives me to be vigilant in sticking to my routine.

Enough chatter...a picture is worth a thousand words anyway!





Gotta have my baseball caps :-)

The Power Of Three

From Emily's blog

* Three Names You Go By: Kath, Deer, Meece
* Three Screen Names You Have: calichick,siemprealisto,weenrgrl
* Three Things You Like About Yourself: I take responsibility for my actions, I cut to the chase, I have an open mind
* Three Things You Dislike About Yourself: A tendancy to put others ahead of me more often than not, Not focused enough when it comes to exercise, I open mouth and insert foot.
* Three Parts of Your Heritage: Just two...50% Irish, 50% Hungarian
* Three Things That Scare You: The Republican’s Scorched Earth ways, Fundamentalist Fuckwads trying to kill basic rights/freedoms, getting Nuked
* Three Everyday Essentials: Oxygen, Music, Positive Outlook
* Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now: Ancient Flannel Pajama top that my dad tried to throw out 2 years ago...I asked him to give it to me instead, Black Caslon cropped pants, and a smile :-)
* Three Favorite Bands/Artists: Green Day, Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World
* Three Favorite Songs At Present: ‘Different’- Acceptance, ‘Cold’- Crossfade, ‘Rain’- Breaking Benjamin
* Three Things You Want To Try/Do In The Next Twelve Months: Run a marathon, trade in my SUV for a Hybrid, and one other goal that I'm keeping private for now.
* Three Things You Want In A Relationship: Someone that is fine with hanging out and having fun without getting serious about marriage, moving in together or (god forbid) kids.
* Three Physical Things About The Opposite Sex That Appeal To You: Tall, Brown/Black Hair, Cleanliness AND he has to smell really really good (yeah, I know that’s 4)
* Three Things You Just Can't Do: Rock climb, bungee jump, brain surgery
* Three Favorite Hobbies: Music, Blogging,Photography
* Three Things I Want To Do Really Badly Right Now: Meet Brian, have Jillian & Scottsquared come to visit, plan a vacation
* Three Careers You Have Considered: MD specializing in Adolescent Medicine, Professional Organizer, Mover and Shaker
* Three Kid's Names You Have Considered: Pet names - Weener, Jeep, Jager
* Three Things You Want To Do before You Die: Parasail, take my parents to Ireland and Hungary, win a really huge lottery so I could give most of it to good causes and family/friends/people who need it


My vacation started at 6:08 EDT today. Yay me!

Once I post this, shutting down iTunes, turning off my computer, and turning off my cell.

Gonna have some quiet time for the next day or so.

Lots going on in my life right now, so time to take a break and get it all sorted out.

NNSD and catch up with ya soon.


Told Jillian I HAD to Blog About This

Was sitting in bed this morning, blogging and im'ing to Jillian.  As we were im'ing, someone walked by the lake outside my window.

My bedroom is upstairs so I couldn't see who it was, but here is the conversation she was having on her cell phone :

Anonymous Neighbor : But the sex is SO's fantastic.

(pause to listen to comment)

AN : No, really...I've never had it this good.


AN: I know...I don't want to break it off but my husband would kill me if he found out I was fucking his best friend.

(long pause)

AN : I know...I know.... just don't know what to do.

So there you have it...

What you say on your cell phone just might be overheard by someone else....who will then blog about it to the rest of the world...or at least to the 5 of you that read my blog.

My Horoscope

You'll be more than happy to work overtime tonight -- mostly because once you're done, you'll be able to sleep late tomorrow morning, and sleeping late is a luxury you haven't allowed yourself in forever.

Wrong - worked until almost 10 last night so I wouldn't have to stay late tonite...

Wrong again - sleep in every Saturday...and Sunday if I can.

What do horoscopes know??

36 Days & Counting...

...until Jillian comes to visit! YAY! A reason for celebration, jubliation, Crown Liquors will be thrilled as will all bars within a 20 mile radius of Boca. As if that weren't enough reason for celelbration, am hoping that Little & Co. will visit the very same weekend.


There's talk of drinking, eating, baseball games, beach time, drinking, consuming mass quantities of M&M's, blogging as a threesome (we be geeks!), some more drinking and maybe we'll even throw in a little political activism as well.

Ok Little, you and deer Scotty MUST come that weekend. I have that Friday and Monday as vacay days ...we can get the party started late Thursday night. It won't be the same without you two, so do what it takes to get here Thursday night, mkay?

Let the planning begin!

Wayne & Buck To The Rescue!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...but thanks for asking, Betsy :-)

Had a busy weekend culminating with the return of Wayne and Buck from their cruise.  Picked them up bright and early (after seeing the same yummy BSO Port Of Everglades Security guard two weeks in a row...NICE!!) at dock 18 this past Sunday am.

They had tons of fun stories to tell and they're already planning their next cruise for March of 2006.  We stopped for breakfast at Rascal House in Boca. Rascal House does everything in their power to stuff you to the gills...and then some.  Seriously, after breakfast we all felt like a nap was in order!

Back to the house and we hung out to chill.  I'd bought some sconces at Pier 1 when I first bought my house but could never find the right location for them. Asked Wayne & Buck for help and within 5 minutes the sconces had found a brand new home on my foyer wall.


After that, Wayne spied a HUGE snapping turtle attempting to build a nest on the other side of the lake. So he grabbed his camera, I grabbed my phone and we dashed out to capture the turtle...photographically speaking, of course.  The turtle made it to the lake before I could get a decent shot but Wayne was luckier.  First time I'd ever seen a turtle in or near the lake.

After the excitement of the turtle (!) Wayne helped me spruce up the front garden a bit, then both Wayne and Buck (who teaches Landscape History classes) put their heads together on what plants would fill in the bare patches in my front garden. One thing led to another and we decided to head off to Home Depot (Homo-Depot as Buck calls it) to give me ideas on what to plant where.

They had some fantastic ideas that I plan on putting to use very soon. And I promise to take before, during and after pix as proof.

After Hom(o)e Depot, it was back up A1A to take the long way up to West Palm Beach to kill time and grab something to eat at La Salsa.  We ate outside BECAUSE WE COULD!  The weather has been so GORGEOUS lately and soon, very soon, it will be all gone and the humid days of late Spring/early Summer will be upon us.

After dinner there was a quick walk down Rosemary Street, we did not stop at the Cheesecake Factory, then we piled into the truck to head on over to the airport.

It was a BLAST having the guys stay with me!  I finally got to meet Buck and Wayne & I got to catch up with each other since the last time we saw each other while he was on assignment in Boston.

I LOVE having guests and this visit was no exception.  Come back ANYTIME guys...I miss you already!


Kath :-)

Future Names For Future Dogs

At some point in the future, I will have another dog. Or maybe dogs. As in two.

It's part of my nature to make lists...geez, I am always making lists...and here's some potential dog names to add to my list.

One of my future dogs WILL be a Weiner. As in Dachsund. Mini, Red, Short Hair. And her name will be Weener. Sorta like Weezer, but not. Weener!  I love that name. And can you think of anything more perfecter for a Weiner than to be called Weener?? Maybe I could spiff it up and give her the full name of Sigourney Weener...dignified, no??  Another  fun name would be Hally...short for Halloweener.

Several other names I'm kicking around :

Kottke (yeah, I know he's a blogger...a blogger with a cool-sounding name), Kasey (have used the name before for both animal and professional choices and am still crazy about that name), Jeep, Jager, Kiwi and Crank...named after the song by Catherine Wheel.

Not getting a dog anytime far as I know...but it's always good to be prepared.

Random Thoughts

* The Pope's will was read today. Seems he owned few material possessions. Yet lived in the midst of millions (if not billions) of dollars worth of artwork and antiquities and splendor. Don't know why I keep mentally comparing his death (and life) to the death (and life) of Mother Teresa. Both were powerful figures in the Catholic Church. Both served Jesus Christ to the best of their ability. Both were greatly loved by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. One ministered to the poorest of the poor in the gutters and back alleys of India and around the globe. The other had private servants, secretaries, and his every corporal need was attended to night and day. One was female. One was male.  Draw your own conclusions on this one. Then tell me what you come up with, cause I'm really not sure what to think.

* I've been having a lot of premonitions over the last several weeks of events that would happen or  people that would re-appear in my life...most of them have come true...this sorta kinda freaks me out.  Jokingly (HONEST!) told two clients last week to 'be careful', otherwise they would wind up in the hospital. They are both in the hospital this week. Not good...not good at all.  What scares me most is an ongoing thought I have of a close family member that will remain unwritten, for to even write about it right now would  seem to tempt fate. So I won't.

* Whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder was a liar.

* Sometimes I wonder what would happen to the world of commerce if everyone had the same buying habits that I have. Malls would go out of business. CD stores would flourish. Starbucks? Later! The cosmetic industry (especially make-up) would cease to exist. High fashion and remotely dressy couture? Buh-bye. Purveyors of Lotion, Candles, Magazines and Books would hit the Motherlode. And baseball caps...I do love my baseball caps. Think about it strange would it be if everyone had the EXACT same buying habits.

* If I had my own religion, I wouldn't have long-drawn out ceremonies or lots of pomp and circumstance.No judgements. No threat of punishment. No lengthy missives to exhort the masses. No need to dress up. My religion would be simple and streamlined. What have you done to make your little corner of the world a better place for someone else? Did you make someone laugh? Did you make a child laugh? <brownie points if you did> Did you help someone without asking or without being asked? Did you help an animal?  <yay, more brownie points for you if you did>  Did you do the right thing without anyone seeing what you did? If so, way yay, good for you. If not, better luck next time and keep trying. My religion summed up would be 'Treat others as you want to be treated, laugh every chance you get, and always say I love you when you say goodbye'.