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The Love Of My Life

My nephew Patrick is THE love of my life.

He's my first nephew, my first godson, and for a chick that was never really 'into' babies, he's the first baby I was ever really into.

It always gives me chills to hear my sister tell the story of his birth. After waiting 36 hours to deliver, she finally had Patrick via C-section. The part that gives me the chills each and every time is when she says 'As soon as they took him out of me, I looked at him, he looked at me, and the way he smiled at me grabbed my heart in a way that nothing's ever grabbed it was instant love'.

It was pretty much the same way for me when I met him.

He was an adorable infant, a charming toddler and once he was in my life, I just couldn't get enough of him.

That feeling still holds true.

While life's tough in some way for everyone, life has been especially tough for Patrick. He's not always made the wisest decisions. Opportunities missed, hearts broken, potential of what might have been contrasted to a life of what is.

Happy Birthday, Patrick.

I sincerely hope with all my heart that this will be your best year yet.

Love you always and forever -

AK xo:-)

The Hot Tip

Last night I got a call from my buddies Abby and Howard. While they were out and about doing errands yesterday, they spied a new building going in close to the Target that we all frequent during our lunch breaks.

Abby stated she thought it might just be a Steak and Shake but she wasn't sure.

So it happened that I was in the same area today, and drove by to check it out.


Yep, the building DID look familiar...but I wanted to make sure that this was not some random hunch that would raise our hopes and then sadly dash them when the restaurant opened and it wasn't a Steak and Shake.

So I continued to survey the scene. After several minutes, I determined that Abby's initial opinion was correct.


And yeah, this sign sorta kinda helped! If I can't have In-N-Out, Steak and Shake will definitely do in a pinch!

Time To Get Up


The view from my window as I blog in bed.

Was up earlier in the morning to take care of Cairo and Conor. They had been sick with (DO NOT READ WHILE EATING DISCLAIMER) the runs from midnite on Friday to 3 am, 6:30 am, 11:30 am, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 12:00 am (ok, started a new day) and the last cleanup was at 1:15 this early morning.

Their 8:00am wake-up call was a nice change..all puppy systems are back to normal.

The diarrhea must have been from the solid food they wolfed down Friday night (yep, they've transitioned from wet food to dry food because THEIR TEETH ARE IN...boy, are their teeth in). Gave them rice yesterday afternoon...they hate rice...but when I mixed it in with some of their wet food they inhaled it!

Hate to type and run but Jacob's girlfriend just got here and her arrival woke the to head downstairs and do the feed-poop-pee-play thing!

Dreaming Of Dogs While Watching ESPN

You Are 45% Left Brained, 55% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Recipe For Happiness

Can I just tell you how much happiness it gives me to come upstairs to my room and shut the door on a day filled with clients and non-stop phone calls and neverending stress and puppies and poop and everyone needing stuff from ME?

I close the door, turn off all the lights, fire up the iBook and crank up the iTunes...and Kathyland becomes a much happier place.

Here's what's making me happy :

Black Metallic - Catherine Wheel         
Moving In Stereo - The Cars   
I Wanna Go Back - Eddie Money
Mad World -  Gary Jules & Michael Andrews   

Sunday Puppy Sunday

The puppy boys are napping for the 3rd time today. Up at 7, up again at 9 then I woke them up once more at 1pm. 

They're into a comfortable routine....squeal with delight when the cage door opens, rush to bite my feet, pee, bite feet again, pee some more, poop, bite feet, run over to the sink (where they are fed) and start howling like they haven't been fed in YEARS!  Then they attempt to climb up the cabinets...pretty hilarious, considering they are no more than 6 inches tall.

I feed them, keep them from climbing over into the other side of the sink because they MUST know if their brother is eating the same thing, and eventually wipe their mouths and paws, place them back on the floor, where they run around in circles and start fighting with each other while I do the sink clean up. 

Full of puppy chow and energy, they attempt to run onto the living room carpet right next to the kitchen, so the 'No's' come out in full force.  To their credit, they know their names and are close to 90% compliant on the 'No Carpet' edict...what smart puppies I have! MIT, watch out!

After sink cleanup, it's full on 'play with Mommy time' which means crawl all over my lap, bite my shirt, arms, legs, chin...anything is fair game. They might veer off and play-fight with each other for a minute or two, pee some more, poop some more,  then it's always back to Mom.

Usually 15, 20 minutes tops is all it takes and they're falling asleep in my lap, so it's back into the cage as they watch me Swiffer the entry way, the entry hall (see picture below) and the kitchen. By the time I finish they are sound asleep.

Repeat this 5-8 times a day on the weekends and there's our weekend in a nutshell.

Happy Birthday To Quinn

Ready to sing? OK, on the count of 3...

Happy Birthday To Quinn

Happy Birthday To Quinn

Happy Birthday To The Guy Who Likes To Drink Like A Pirate, Play GI Joes And Drink Some More

Happy Birthday To Quinn

Have a great day Quinn! All your far-flung Stork Buddies are having a drink...or two...or your honor....and then we'll all get together and watch Office Space.

Absolutely Quiet

Mid-day break time.

It's absolutely quiet inside right now. Dryer just finished a load of puppy towels, Cairo and Conor are combined in a heartbreakingly cute group puppy cuddle while peacefully snoozing, all the windows are open, this absolutely delicious FL breeze is blowing thru the house and outside all you can hear is ducks, birds, the waterfall in the middle of the lake...and that's it!

The puppy boys slept from 9pm Friday until 7 am. GOOD PUPPIES! Since then, they've been in and out of their cage several times, have had breakfast and lunch and I've said 'No' and 'No carpet'  a zillion times.  The routine is back.  By the time they leave to be adopted out on 4 March, I'll repeat this drill hundreds of times.  Paper towels, Swiffers and Puppy Food will be my most utilized products. And laundry...lots of laundry will be done.

It's cool tho...the price I gladly pay for kisses, cuddles and unconditional love...and you can't forget my most favorite smell in the whole wide world...PUPPY BREATH!  Some chicks go nuts over human babies...I lose it for puppies...always have, always will.

My goal this weekend is to try and figure out how to get my phonecam puppy pix uploaded to my blog and my Flickr account. Those of you that know me know that I am tres low-tech...but I'll eventually figure it out....I always do!

Being 'paged' from's quiet no more!

Premonitions, Puppies and Pizza


A quick update on life in Kathyland...

Conor and Cairo slept peacefully and woke me up at 5:15 to play. That's am...several hours before I normally wake up at the last minute to get to work on time. Gotta give them props tho...not only did they keep their cage clean all thru the night, they kept it clean while I was at work this morning then all thru-out the afternoon.  Brought several buddies home from work to oooh and aaah at the puppy boys. One might be  Cairo's future mommy. She and her husband are coming over soon, so we'll see.

Had a premonition several weeks ago that the small brown spot on my right arm (remnant of a wicked sunburn when I was in high school) might be cancerous. So I had it biopsied last Thursday. I was was. I have skin cancer. Seeing my dermatologist next week to talk about treatment. 

Just got the puppies down for their after-dinner nap and my dinner - pizza - is on the way. Haven't ordered pizza since the Super Bowl and it just sounds so good, doesn't it???

Have an awesome Friday and weekend, Shabbat Shalom and I'll catch up with ya soon.

And Jillian, good luck with the 'rents!

Cairo and Conor

My puppies are home. They are three weeks old Lab-Chow mix angels.  Cairo is a Shepardish-tan and brown...almost a brindle and Conor is all black with white paws. Incredibly high cuteness factor!

Their crate is set up with a fresh fluffy towel, a water dishes inside and outside the crate wait for puppy paws to knock them both over, the puppy-boys are snoozing in their Humane Society carry-cage and I'm taking a quick break to change (and blog) then go downstairs to bathe them and introduce them to their new home.

When I picked them up at the Humane Society they were cuddled in a massive puppy hug with one another and for some reason they had not been given baths. They need me!

Thanks to all my lovely internets buddies that suggested names.

The Winners (I so want to say Weeners but for those of you that know me, if I brought home Weener Dogs they would never ever leave this house except to go to the dog park, the vet's and the other words I would keep them and never give them back 'cause that's how I am about Weeners) of the name the puppies challenge are NTodd and my roomie Jacob. 

NTodd has a really cool dog named Cairo and Jacob's youngest brother is Conor.  So there you have it. My boys have names. And now they are having a bath.

Stay tuned for more Puppy Chronicles!

I'm Getting Puppies :-)

Got the call today at work and by this time tomorrow night will be on the way home from the Humane Society with two Lab-Chow puppies.

Don't know how old they are or what they look like. Only thing I do know is that they were abandoned and I will be their Foster Mommy for the next two weeks.

Heading out to the gym right now.  While I'm gone, please put on your thinking caps and rustle up some puppy names for me...word has it I'll have two little boys to name.


It's All About The Music

One of my MOST favorite addictions is music (whoa...just gave myself goosebumps when I thought that!). Did some shopping over the weekend...check 'em out...

* 3 Doors Down Seventeen Days
Originally bought it for the song 'Let Me Go' and the rest of the CD was rather blah...but then...downloaded it to my iPod and after listening to it over the weekend it's now my pick of the litter.

* Jet Get Born
Had heard them on the radio over the last year and never gave them a second thought until my buddy Mike said he got their CD and thought I would like it. And I do...very much!

* AFI The Collection
I'm calling it The Collection cause the CD doesn't really have a name other than AFI and that is so repetitive. I love these guys....while scream rock really isn't my first choice, I got massively hooked on their 'Sing The Sorrow' and was totally bummed when they had to cancel their Pompano Beach concert last year due to Davey's (lead singer) vocal cord problems. And now that they are touring FL again, the closest they'll be is up in Orlando...Bastards! Oh well, still love them...what can ya do?

* Chevelle This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us In
Another band I've heard a lot of over the last year. Haven't listened to it as much as the others so far...but that will change in the next day or so.