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Wonder If...

...Kerry would have won the election, if we would have had all this hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing going on about 'what we did wrong'?

The post-mortem's are starting to stink. All the analogies are starting to blend into one maddening voice. Everyone has their 24/7 Reason Du Jour for the defeat.

Silence. Dai. Shecked. Enough.

First DFA meeting since the election is tonite. Time to stop talking and start acting.

Shiva's over.

A Very Nice Day

Winding up one of the nicest days I've had in ages.

Puppies let me sleep in relatively late, there was no evidence of 'puppy runnage' during the night...or thru-out the day for that matter, they were well-behaved and lo-maint for most of the day and best of all, found a home for Blue with neighbors in my development.

EAGLES won (Blue likes to watch football on the couch...Morgan, not so much), my friend that moved down from Boston came by to visit, and the windows have been open most of the day and still are at this second because it's been so absolutely GORGEOUS all day.

Laundry is done, Jacobs's bathroom is cleaned, kitchen is spotless and puppies are snoozing with full tummies.

All that's left to do is decide what to have for dinner and since I'm not even close to hungry that's not a huge priority, and balance my checkbook.

Interesting note...have only spent a fraction of my day online...unlike every other day since I've been on vacay. Maybe there is something to the saying 'everything in moderation'?


Mailbag Dept

Questions from my readers include :

'What does nnsd stand for?' - This is the acronym of what my parents said to us every night as they turned off the light after reading us bedtime stories...'night, night, sweet dreams'.

'How much longer will you have the puppies' - As soon as they are eating solid food on a regular basis, they go back to the Humane Society to be adopted out.

'Why don't you keep the puppies' -or- 'How can you give them up'? - Am not looking for a 'permanent puppy relationship', which is why Fostering works so well for me. It IS very hard to give them up and I am really sad for that morning, but when I think of the bigger picture, i.e. raising them to where they are healthy, fat and well-socialized...and know enough to stay off the's all good in the end.

'Why don't you do this or that or this?' (all technical related questions) - Have no idea what you are talking about...I am incredibly low-tech. It's a miracle I can even work my iPod, was ready to declare a national holiday the day I learned to link, and I have yet to figure out how to burn a CD on my iTunes. Hey, at least I'm honest.

'Will you lend me money'? - Sure..if you lend it to me first.

'Why the title 'A Likely Story!?'- Read my first post.

'How much time do you spend blogging on the weekends?' - Way toooo much.

'If you love CA so much, why don't you move back?'- Too damn expensive..and they still have earthquakes last I checked.

'Do you really like Jager that much?' - YES I DO :-)

Too Pooped To Pop

I hate puppy poop. Hate cleaning it...smelling it...disposing of it. Diarrhea continues so I switched them back to their former food. As of tomorrow, I'm adding rice to their food. According to the Humane Society they are healthy with no parasites and no fever, so it's nothing to be worried about...dunno...I'm not so sure.

Maybe I should have posted a disclaimer with this entry? Do not eat while reading? Do not read while eating?

Just put them down for the night...I hope. This morning they woke me at 5:30 so I could let them out of their cage. Someone never got the memo that mom is supposed to sleep late on the weekends.

Blue has decided it will be a battle of wills over who gets to sit on the carpet. He thinks he is winning the battle. He is wrong.

Morgan isn't as mouthy and clucky as she used to be. She is a holy terror to her brother, tho. Most sisters are...nothing new there...although I was always an angel to MY sure Brian and Patrick will back me up on that one.

Blue is still a laid-back stud. Other than his fondness for Berber (very clean Berber I might add) he is close to perfect.

Teeth are definitely coming in...gave them solid food for the first time today...they played with several kibble pieces and after awhile caught on that it was edible. So of course they ignored it after that.

After swiffering easily 25 times today, more poop and pee clean-ups than I care to remember, and emptying the puppy trash twice, I am ready to call it a night, so I can start all over in the morning.

The title of this post says it all.


Happy Birthday Diane :-)

Happy Birthday to my 11-months-younger sister who is one of the nicest people in the whole wide entire universe.

Diane makes life look easy. She excells at multi-tasking and can do more in one day than most people do in one week. She's kind, sweet and funnier than hell. And makes the best chocolate-chip cookies you've ever had.

So Happy Birthday, Di...hope everyone you know and love makes this your best bday yet!

xo :-) from your older sister that everyone thinks is your younger sister,


ps- yeah, I just had to throw that part in!

Indie Musicians - Scott Andrew

One of the many things I love about the internet is you'll never know what you'll find around the bend.

Case in point Scott Andrew.

Found Scott's site thru Derek Powazek's photoblog site...I've linked to Derek (and his wife Heather) on my sidebar.

Anyway, was still going thru my post-election funk-meltdown-depression...whatever you want to call it...and was looking for some music to cheer me up. Went to Scott's site and downloaded several of his songs...really liked what I heard...and today I got his CD 'Where I've Been' in the mail. A musician AND a blogger...ya gotta love that combination!

According to my iTunes description, Scott is classified as 'folk'. Not sure I'd describe his music as folk...more like really really good rock that's well-written and firmly wedges itself inside your brain....much like 'Cast The Net Wide' has done.

I have a special place in my heart for Indie Musicians. My nephew Tom has a San Diego-based band that's definitely a labor of love. My buddy Mike is in his 3rd band in the 6 years I've known him. It takes guts to write and produce music that you love and comes from the heart...also takes guts to follow your dream of sharing your music with everyone else, full well knowing you may not ever make it big and that's ok, as long as you can make the music you want it makes life worth living.

So support Scott, support the other Indie Musicians you know and love, and stay tuned for more suggestions in the coming weeks.

'You Might Not Want To Look'

Took Morgan and Blue into the Humane Society this morning. They'd both had a bad case of diarrhea over the last two days and I wanted to get it checked out just in case it was something serious.

While waiting for the results of their fecal test, I talked with June, one of the Clinic Workers. June used to be the Foster Parent contact and she has seen me plenty of times when I would come in all happy and excited to be picking up my Foster Puppies. She has also seen me come in on the day I have to bring them back to be adopted out...I am definitely not as happy on those days.

As we were talking, the staff brought in a gorgeous, happy, affectionate Doberman. And that's when June said 'You might not want to look'.

Seems the Dobie's previous 'owners' had allowed her collar to become imbedded in her neck. read that right. Whatever possessed these monsters to do this to their animal is just unfathomable. To put a collar on a dog and allow that dog to grow without ever removing the collar...that is just beyond sick, cruel, use whatever word you can think of.

As June and I talked, the Clinic Workers treated the Dobie, who responded with a wagging tail and repeated kisses for her caregivers. I couldn't help but tear up as I watched. How any animal that has been abused by a human can ever trust another human is something I have a hard time wrapping my brain around.

Miami Animal Police (on Animal Planet) found the Dobie and brought her into our facility. Miami Animal Police will be doing a segment on the dog and her progress.

The segment probably won't be shown for 9 months to a year. I don't know if the Dobie has been adopted or not...probably not since she is still undergoing treatment for her neck wound. This is one episode I will definitely look for. I so want to see this dog have a life with a happy ending.


The library is finished.

Have been sitting here reading, blogging and listening to music for the last 2 hours. Very peaceful and very relaxing. And thanks to my new toy, the music has been superb.

Have the candles going in the library, the Crinkles lamp in the adjoining dining room and the puppies have cooperated by sleeping soundly.

Killer Ambiance.


1:13pm Turkey Day

Thanks link HAS timed out. No worries on the link, then click on 'Return to the Store'. Click on Speakers, then go to page 3, bottom right hand side. (Hint-think of Luke Skywalker masquerading as a Storm Trooper).

Happy Birthday Tom :-)

So here it is, your birthday.

What's going on in your life right now is something I'd never imagined would happen. You're not in the best of places and I would change the circumstances in a heartbeat for you if I could...and I know you know that...but right now I am close to powerless in that regard. That frustrates me and makes me telling the effect it's having on you.

You're a good guy, a wonderful person with a great heart and maybe all of this really IS happening for a reason, even tho it's easy to say that right now and not all that easy to live it.

Ideally I would love to give you $50K for your birthday so you could start over...but no way in hell is that happening, altho it is a nice thought, don't you think?

Had several vodka-based drinks for you tonite....Grey Goose is my new favorite top 3 choice...but nothing will surpass good old Jager, a libation you are responsible for introducing me to...whatta guy, huh??

I'm glad you'll be spending your special day around your family and some of those you are closest's only fitting and I'm sure they'll appreciate the significance of the day as well.

This is sorta ironic when you think of writing a birthday letter to you on my blog when you never READ my blog...don't think you get what the whole 'blog thing' is about.

But that's cool...others will read it and know that there is a really special and very wonderful guy out there who just turned 36 according to FL time.

So have a wonderful day and a great year....and thanks for making me laugh almost every single time I talk with you.

xo :-)


...and the surprise was a visit from our buddy Chris, home from Tulane for Turkey Day break.

Jacob and Chris got to be really good buddies on Team Stork...I was fortunate enough to become a buddy with Chris as well.

So Chris and I plotted for him to stop over and surprise Jacob, who had no idea that Chris was home.

We had a great time.

Chris is the newly minted president of the Tulane Dems and if anyone was ever meant to be successful, it's Chris. Got to spend time talking about the election....what good came of it and what we need to do to be successful next time around. Listening to him share his ideas for the future really gave me hope for the next time around.

For a couple of hours, everything sad and depressing was forgotten.

Thanks for stopping by, Chris! You made our night :-)

Goodbye Weekend

Thought I'd write a couple of lines while waiting for a load of towels to finish washing. Today Jacob told me he'd never seen me do as much laundry as I had this weekend. Yep Jacob, life with puppies will do that to you.

How are the puppies? Why, I thought you'd never ask! They are darling! No, really, they are. Their personalities are starting to develop. Morgan aka Morgan the Mouth is very vocal...she clucks like a chicken for no apparent reason. She's not happy unless she's firmly wedged in the crook of your arm or being held right under your chin. She also comes the very second you call her and is the kissiest dog I've ever had. Blue is a stud. Very quiet. Very well-behaved. Very adorable. He's slightly larger than Morgan and all he wants to do is cuddle in your lap and gaze into your eyes...then fall fast asleep. They've slept thru the night for the last two really hoping they'll do the same tonite.

My EAGLES won today. Yet again they were not broadcast on Fox in this area. And yet again I didn't feel like going out to Bru's to watch the game. So I stayed home and blogged and napped and read. Total stay inside and vege day.

This will be a short week at work what with Turkey Day this Thursday and Friday being a day off from work. My buddy Tom's bday is this Wednesday and my sister Diane's is Saturday.

Looking forward to a 3 day work week and a 4 day weekend. And that is one of the things I am thankful for tonite.

And on that note, nnsd...I'm off to bed :-)

Derek Powazek is THE MAN!

I have Derek's link on my sidebar...a link to his wife Heather as well. They're both kick-ass photographers and they amaze me every day with their incredible talent. And they are both dogaholics, which makes them even cooler in my book.

Derek took this picture at one of my favorite places in SF:

Photo by Derek Powazek,

Thanks for sharing, Derek :-)

Should I Firefox?

Can I ask you a personal question? Have you made the switch to Firefox? Why? Do you think I should too?

Here's the scoop. I have a Mac...iBook OSX...Panther or Jaquar or some spotted animal...not Safari, tho. Currently have IE 5.1 for MAC. I hardly ever have pop-ups. My iBook has never had a virus...knock wood.

Just checked out the 'why switch' website. Seems there is an awful lot of 'Control this' and 'Control that' hitting the Ctrl keys. Is there an alternative if you don't use control keys...which I don't?

Doubt that this topic will keep me awake at nights...just something I've been thinking about so I thought I'd ask all of you!

Thanks for listening!

Canine Cuteness Continues

I have this thing for alliteration, in case you've never noticed.

Ok, where were we? Yep, the pupsters!

Came home from a Target, Publix and quick dinner run to find the little angels just waking up in a SPOTLESSLY CLEAN CAGE. Yes! As much as I love having puppies is as much as I HATE cleaning up after puppy poop...but ya can't have one without the other, so ya just deal with it.

The schedule they've gotten into is 10-15 minutes max playtime until they fall fast asleep and snooze for 3-4 hours straight. OF course this will start to change in the next couple of days, but for now it's cake.

It's great having Jacob around to help...extra sets of hands are always welcome when puppies come to visit.

Sent out an email to my work buddies on Friday informing them of impending puppyhood and to let them know any and all were invited to come home with me each day at lunch while I cleaned and fed Morgan and Blue. Of course my smart-ass associate replied to all in the email saying I'd be hosting a sit-down buffet and encouraged everyone to come visit the puppies the same day. Obviously his work load on Friday wasn't all that busy if he had time to invite 15+ friends to pretend parties at my house.

Hope some of them come over sure makes feeding time and cleaning time easier, plus I really want to get the word out how cute these critters are. The last Foster pair I had I really talked up at work...which resulted in a co-worker at work adopting one of my puppies. You can't imagine the feeling of knowing FOR SURE that one of your 'babies' is going to a wonderful home.

Couple of friends are coming over tomorrow for the obligatory oooh and aaahhh before Jacob and I leave for the E-A-G-L-E-S game at 4. Giselle has to work all day so J is gonna hang out with me.

OK, time to cut this short...I'm being 'paged' by Morgan!

Good Puppies

Anytime puppies sleep thru the night on their first night home, they automatically become 'Good Puppies". And so they are.

Woke up around 7 wondering why I hadn't heard them cry. Crept downstairs and oh my goodness...a heartbreakenly precious scene of Morgan and Blue wrapped up in each others arms in their little faux-sheepskin bed....major cuteness. After a couple of minutes I just couldn't take it anymore, so I woke them up.

Whoa! They went from fast asleep to AWAKE in a heartbeat! Loudly awake. Especially Morgan.

Did the post-pee clean-up, fed them (they got more food on them then into their tummies), did crate clean up (I don't have to describe that one to you...take a guess) and then it was play time...for all of 10 minutes. Blue crashed on my lap and Morgan crawled over to the crate, pried the door open with her nose and headed straight for her bed. I put Blue in to join Morgan and they were out in less than a minute...all cuddled together and wrapped in each others arms.

It feels really good to be a puppy mom again.

Puppies In The House!

Say hello to the newest members of Kathyland.

Morgan and Blue, two week old brother and sister littermates. Two of the cutest little Black Labs you've ever seen...cute, cuddly as can be and yes they REEK of puppy breath. Morgan, the little girl, is very feisty and vocal. Her brother Blue is the epitome of laid back. They are both snoozing downstairs in their crate.

And the winners of the naming contest are:

* My hurricane buddy Jillian from Versailles, KY who suggested Morgan

* My cousin Bill from Chi-town who came up with the oh-so-relevant political name of Blue (and the perfect name for a Michigan Wolverine Fan (that would be me...M Go BLUE!)

Jillian and Bill, your personal puppy pix are on the way as soon as I take them and get them developed (nope, no digital camera yet) and everyone else that would like a picture, let me know and I'll email them to you. One of these days will learn to post pix on my promises on that might take awhile.

Morgan and Blue will be here for 2 weeks or so, just waiting for the day when their teeth come in and they can eat solid food.

In the meantime, you get to hear all about them...every single day...aren't you thrilled...well, aren't you??

Just About To Start Brainstorming...

...and I read my it one r or two?? oh well..

Quickie: Your frankness is admirable. Still, consider your audience before you speak.

Overview: You'll greet everyone with the same enthusiasm and warmth that others reserve for lifelong friends. That's nothing new for you, but it may be for them. Go easy. Don't scare off a new friend.

Uh I wish I hadn't done two Jager shots with Jacob...I am definitely in 'friendly' mode. Hey, if ya can't be friendly with your fellow Dems, then just WHO can you be friendly with?

I'll let ya know how it goes.

We STILL want our Country Back...dammit!

Cure For What Ails Ya

It's gotta be music.

Most of you that live local...and some of you that don't...know I have not been a very happy and cheery soul since Black Tuesday. Now that I'm (hopefully) on the other side of things I can tell you that I wasn't in a very good place at all over the last several weeks. Had a relapse last week. I'll spare you the drama but it was not good at all.

Spent this past Saturday doing nothing...absolutely nothing but sit and look out the window or internet...and think. Saturday night I went to bed thinking there was no way I could wake up the next morning feeling the same without really giving it much thought, I ramped up my iTunes and started listening to music as I tried to sleep. For close to an hour just listened to song after song. After an hour sat up and hit several blogs where the owners had their personal music available for listening and/or downloading. So I did that for awhile, then eventually tried to get some sleep and let the iTunes run all night.

Woke up feeling better than I had in ages. What a relief.

Seeing as I had planned on reorganizing the library, hauled my radio downstairs with me and blasted good old fashioned alt-music nonstop until I went to bed that night. And by the time Jacob came home around 4, I was feeling almost human again.

Music is one of the must-have's in my life. My truck has a 6 CD in-dash. Have my CD/radio at my desk at work. Have an iPod. The first box I ever brought into my house when I moved it was a box of all my CD's. All thru college I fell asleep listening to the radio or tapes. Music is a need, not a want.

Nice to know that sometimes the things you need to get you thru a rough part of life are right under your nose the whole time.

And The Winner Is... of you.

Sometime today (or tomorrow since today ends in 10 minutes) someone out there will click on my site and will be my 10,000th hit. Whoa..Red Letter Day. I guess.

Far cry from when I first started my blog and got 5 hits a day...and 3 of them were from me.

Have no idea what the winner will win. I'll think of something.

How's about 63 decorating magazines?