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The Final Countdown

In 2 more days the tide will turn. We WILL win. We WILL get our country back. And I really want to say we WILL have a 'L'...L-word...ok, I'll say it...LANDSLIDE. At least here in South Florida, I feel confident in saying Kerry/Edwards will win by a LANDSLIDE. And in the nation? As long as they win by a comfortable margin, I'll be overjoyed...elated....beyond incredibly happy.

Lot's of work to be done before then. Calling it a night now...getting up at 5 am (please cross your fingers I don't turn my cell alarm off in my sleep) to be in WPB and prep for the Betty Rally at 6:30. Rally at 8, visibility for the rest of the day, and then the Edwards/Castor Rally in Pompano Beach at 9:00pm.

And on Tuesday? Pray all day...and shuttle between the 4 major precincts in my area for visibility. Tuesay night is PARTY time. Victory Party at Abbey Road Grill in Palm Beach Gardens. Media is supposed to be there, lots of my DFA/Castor buddies, some of my K/E buddies.

But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

Two other major announcements tonite.

#1- This is my 200th post. Damn, I've come a long way in so many areas since I started my blog...all good, all good!

#2- HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 25th Anniversary Paul and Eric :-) Am always awed by the goodness you've shown to others and the millions you've raised to help others. You truly are angels and major heroes in my book and I love you both very much! Mazal Tov!

Fine, STAY in KY...

...see if we care!

Actually, we do care very much.

Our buddy Jillian (of Hurricane Frances fame) was supposed to grace us with her arrival on Halloween. Good times were planned, campaigns were to be worked and many, many, many drinks were to be consumed.

But no, Jillian is preparing to start Grad school in January and it was either pay her speeding ticket or come to FL. While it might be a no-brainer to you or me, Jillian is doing the 'responsible' thing and paying her ticket and staying home in Versailles. Ver-sal, Ver-sigh, Ver-say...she taught us how to pronounce it during our hurricane escapade but it never sunk in. Maybe that should have been a 'Truth or Dare' question...Kathy, I dare you to pronounce Versailles correctly.

I'm crushed...Jacob's crushed..K&Q are crushed I'm sure...or at least they SHOULD be...and I'm sure my local Crown Liquors will be devastated. And just who's gonna eat all these M&M's??

Have fun in Ver-whatever and if you get a chance, drunk dial us during your Halloween party crawl. And save the pink purchases for later...ya never know, right?? :-)

And So It Starts...

Just got home from work. Will be on vacation until Thursday and there were lots of things to take care of, clients to touch base with, t's to cross and i's to dot. I even managed to write a letter to our division president telling her my opinon of the casual wear tempest at work. Hope I'll have a job when I return on Thursday!

Much more important things to take care of for the next 4 days than dress codes.

Betty Castor has an election to win. Need to help plan a rally for her and musical guest Jimmy Buffett this Monday as well as get lots of visibility stuff planned and executed over the next several days.

John Kerry and John Edwards have an election to win. My prayers and thoughts are with them and all their staffers and volunteers. Will be wearing my K/E paraphenalia as I volunteer for Betty this weekend...we're all one big happy Democratic family at this point.

I've been waiting for this day since 13 December 2000.

Let's get started. I really, truely, honestly want my country back

[Update - Sat am]

Seems I sent my Castor 'Ready,Set,Go' email to those of my family and friends who don't live in FL. Oopss. Sorry...chalk it up to BUI (Blogging Under the Influence). However, if you DO want to drive/fly from IL, LA , CA, KY,CO & UT, I'm not gonna stop you. Since Quinn and Kevin moved out there is plenty of room! And I'll save a Corona for ya :-)

Henry Explains It All

Last week I went to the Beastie Boys concert with Henry...a friend of a friend who I'd met for the first time the day before the concert. We met up in Hollywood that Sunday and spent most of the day hanging out at his favorite bar on the beach, watching NFL, doing Jager shots, and of course talking politics. (I had told my friend Tom the only way I would take Henry with me was if he's a registered voter...lucky for him, he is).

So we're talking about Bush (who Henry and Tim, his other friend) both loathe. And Henry, who is a self-admitted political neophyte, makes the following point.

"While watching the debates, all you had to do was to turn the sound off and see how they acted. One acted like a retarded fool. The other acted like a President. Simple!"

Yeah Henry, if only it WAS that simple.

Blogging vs. Sleeping

Choosing sleep over blogging tonite. I need to fall asleep before 3 am at least one night this week.

The Shiva visit went well...a nice way to show someone you care about them and the sorrow they're experiencing. Bo Sox WON! And I finally got around to doing laundry...figured out I can go 10 days without doing laundry...we're talking basic essentials...IF ya know what I mean.

Layla Tov...nnsd :-)

Quick Update

Monday was a tough day.

Attended the funeral of a co-worker's spouse. He was very ill for a very long time yet I always thought he'd be around forever. They were the love of each other's life. Sounds trite, but in this case oh so true. Going back to work afterwards felt surreal...went thru the motions but wasn't really 'there' for the rest of the day.

Started another blog...a private one this time. Using it as a personal journal for those things I would never or could never tell anyone else. Having a blog has forced me to write more often and to put more thought into what I write. Hey, with the cost of health care increasing each year, it's cheaper than a shrink.

More focused at work today but starting the day with freeper email was a downer. Don't you know that if you can't say anything in a civil manner, you should just remain silent? At least on this blog o' mine.

Visibilty after work back at Delray Early Voting...the most positive thing I've done since seeing Kerry on Sunday...felt good. Got more Castor lit and signs, then pizza and root beer while I watched the World Series with one of my buddies.

Dentist appt first thing in the am - yuck- then after work a Shiva first. Was raised Catholic and have many memories of all the raucous family wakes I've attended. Now that I observe Judaism I want to do what is right, so I'm doing the Shiva visit even tho visits along those lines make me uncomfortable. But it is not about me, it is about helping and showing support for the family. I feel like such a 'newbie' Jew, even tho I've been practicing for awhile.

Got 3 hours of sleep last night and did ok....have a feeling I'll need more tonite.



Changes in Kathyland. Change can be good or bad or unexpected, but change is always inevitable.

Quinn and Kevin moved out last night.

Back in June I had offered housing for up to 3 staffers for the Jim Stork for Congress campaign. When Jim Stork dropped out of his Congressional race for health reasons, all 3 of my roomies were left without jobs. Quinn and Kevin eventually signed up with the Minimum Wage Initiative. And for the last two weeks they have been working hard while on the road trying to raise awareness of this very important initiative. They were supposed to finish their road trip yesterday, but plans changed and the tour has been extended until 2 Nov. They're scheduled to be in Jacksonville on 2 Nov and have promised to make one more trip down to Boca to say goodbye and take me out to dinner on 3 Nov. Given the extension of their road trip, they decided it was best to move out yesterday. So they did.

(My 3rd roomie Jacob is working with Kerry and is about to accept, if he hasn’t already, a permanent job with my current company once Kerry wins the White house on 2 Nov. He will be the roommate that came for a campaign and stayed for a career...and for Giselle!)

It was a bit of a shock when I got home from the Kerry rally yesterday to go upstairs and see that Quinn's room (formerly known as my Cape Cod guest room) was neat as a pin. NEAT! I almost fell over. And I could quote John Dolon right about now and say 'I kid, I kid'...but that would be a lie. Quinn is a neat guy but he is not neat. Quinn moves and thinks and eats and breathes 1000 miles an hour. He goes from zero to full bore in a nanosecond. He works until you think he can't stay awake anymore then he'll put in another 12 hours without batting an eye. Quinn has fallen asleep in the shower on several occasions (from what he's told me)...he pushes himself more than anyone I know.

Quinn was my first roommate since my college days. Was definitely an eye-opening and learning experience...for both of us. He turned me on to tons of new music, new political ideas, way cool stories of life in New York, and he wired all of our different laptops (my iBook) and the other 3 Dell's in the house.

He learned what it is like to live with someone who is an uber-anal-neat-freak (um, that would be me), he experienced his first ever 2 hurricanes, and he got to enjoy some really really killer parties that he’s said he’ll remember for the rest of his life...from what he can remember. And he makes a really good drunk gotta trust me on that one.

Kevin moved in about a month after Quinn. Kevin and Quinn went to college together and I had originally met Kevin the same night I met Quinn for the first time. So while I had already officially met Kevin, the next time I saw him again was downstairs in his new ‘room’ - my library- standing there in his boxers. Not something I was used to seeing while eating my Cheerios, but it’s all about being open-minded and to be expected with male roomies.

Kevin is very quiet, very sweet and very kind...and has an absolutely KILLER voice. During one of our subsequent parties (we seemed to have a lot of parties) he broke out his guitar and had us spellbound with his music. Kevin had the least amount of privacy of all the roommates and was never rude or mean or the least bit territorial about having to put up with me staying up late to watch my 2nd Daily Show of the night or with having a ton of rowdy party-ers that wanted to play spin-the-bottle (and all the other things I promised I would never blog about) while all Kevin would want to do was fall asleep...but couldn’t because the living room, dining room and library all blend together and it’s really hard to sleep when you have 7 other people jumping on your bed trying to get you to stay awake.

(Doesn’t this make all of you want to quit your jobs and be campaign staffers??)

Of course, not everything went perfectly and there were some misunderstandings along the way. But you work them out and forgive and forget and know that ultimately we are all on the same side...doing what we need to do to get candidates, issues and messages out there, among the masses.

We did it for change. We had a lot of fun. Memories I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. They’ll never think of Hurricanes the same way again. Hopefully the work they’ve done for change will result in positive change for the good of our country. And hopefully they’ll remember that they’re always welcome back!

Early Voting in Palm Beach Co, FL is INSANE!

(Cross-posted from my diary on dKos)

I didn't believe it until I saw it. Lines....all you see is lines when you first enter the parking lot.

Did Castor visibility Saturday afternoon at the Delray Beach Supervisor of Elections office. The line was around the building and had the atmosphere of a street fair. Kerry vols (and voters) vastly outnumbered the Bush vols (only 2) and Bush voters.  Easily 10-15 Kerry Vols...Seniors for Kerry...Jews for Kerry...FDP was there...ACT was was fantastic.  Average time from getting in line to exiting the building was 3-4 hours!

So I decided to early vote on Sunday.  Arrived at my place in line at 11:50...exited the building at 2:28.

You would think that Theresa LePore would have used the last 4 years to figure things out. You would think that she'd come up with a better way than making people play musical chairs all thruout the lobby and down the long, winding hall that eventually led to the actual voting office.  You would think that they would have had more than ONE computer and ONE open phone line to streamline the process of verifying each person's eligibility. would think!

Plain and simple, this was a clusterfuck.  The majority of people that waited were elderly. In their wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen masks.  They waited patiently and didn't complain.  Several of the people sitting in line - myself included- implored the deputy in charge to let the elderly that were seriously sick or had mobility problems to go to the front of the line.  It was heartbreaking to see what those folks had to endure to vote.

When I got in the actual office, I requested a paper absentee ballot...since the first one I requested several months ago never arrived.  While I waited for my ballot, two voters had machine malfunctions. And one of the workers muttered under her breath 'here we go again'.

All in all, an eye-opening experience.  And something that really didn't need to take so long or be as drawn out as it was if only LePore would have done her job right in the first place.

But of course, that's only my opinion!

John Kerry Comes To Boca Raton

(the following is an excerpt from an email I wrote to my blogger buddy Bryan right after seeing Kerry at FAU this afternoon)

OMG Bryan, you would have LOVED being here today!

Just got home and HAD to tell you all about it!

Perfect weather...sunny, low humidity, nice breeze and lots of good times standing in line with tons of K/E
supporters at FAU!

Started out the day by going to early vote in Delray Beach. Got in line at 11:50...walked out the side door after casting my vote at 2:28. Further proof that Theresa LePore has no earthly concept of how to run an election. Am gonna do a diary on it on dKos later on, it was that frustrating!

Got to FAU at 3:30 after dropping off lit down south in Broward Co. Luckily I had snagged a coveted blue ticket at early voting so the line I stood in maybe had 300 people in it...far cry from the 'internet ticket line' that had easily thousands of people in line.

You wouldn't have believed the energy, the happiness, the optimism...what I would have given to have a cell with camera phone so I could have emailed the pix to you real was that cool and more.

This is a day I'll remember for a long, long time...and I just had to share it with you while it
was still fresh in my memory.

Jeb! The Liar

Seems that lying runs in the Bush family...whatta surprise!

Sitting here watching the Bo Sox who are tied at 7 up with that other team. Then a commercial with a serious-faced Jeb! saying how Betty Castor is running a negative ad against Mel Martinez and how Betty Castor refused to act on the Sami Al-Arian issue.

Wake the fuck up, Jeb!

Betty Castor dealt with the Al-Arian issue by the book. Crossed all her t's and dotted her i's. She suspended him while he underwent intense investigation by the FBI and the Dept of Justice. They, not Betty Castor, never found anything warranted against him.

What was found, interestingly enough, were pictures of your brother campaigning with Al-Arian. Seems Al-Arian even made it to the White House. Hmm.

So which is it, Jeb!?? Al-Arian's good enough to help your brother weasel his way into the White House (with the help of the Supreme Court, of course), yet he's a terrorist at the same time???

Why does the Bush family hate the truth???

The Biggest Loser

Let me preface this by saying I hardly ever watch 'reality shows'. I watched most of the 'Boy Meets Boy' episodes and might have watched a total of 30 minutes of all the 'Survivor' shows put together...and a couple minutes of 'Apprentice' here and there while switching channels.

So I've watched enough to know that I really don't prefer them. 'Reality' in these shows is a misnomer...they are so far from reality to begin with. The upscale house, the behind-the-scenes bickering and the manufactured's not real.

Happened to have NBC on and 'The Biggest Loser' came on. So I watched it.

The premise is interesting. Take a bunch of overweight folks and sequester them in a gorgeous house (but of course!!), divide them into teams (yeah, what else is new??), bring in personal trainers and the person that loses the most amount of weight will be 'The Biggest Loser'....along with the expected personal interviews intertwined thru-out the show.

This show is a loser.

While it might be a perfect way to attain Neilson ratings, this is a stupid and far from realistic way to lose weight.

I can't believe how little they focused on proper nutrition. Don't get me wrong...exercise is necessary and crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But the 2-3 minutes spent breaking down the 'Eat More' and 'Eat Less' diets was far from adequate. And losing 10 or 13 or 20+ pounds in one week? That is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. I realize these people DID have a lot to lose, but losing that much in one week is unhealthy. And for the masses that are starting to watch this show, there goes yet another highly unattainable goal.

The average amount of weight you should be losing each week ranges from 1-3 pounds. To suggest anything more is just plain dangerous.

I guess by sticking to more realistic goals, this show wouldn't generate much buzz...and since it is all about the ratings and boring does not equal high ratings, they have to do what they can to make it as dramatic as possible. But at what cost??

In a society that craves a quick fix, instant gratification and drama on the side, I guess this show would be just what the weight loss doctor ordered. And yeah, I saw the disclaimer at the end...blah blah blah.

Sorry, I'm just not convinced. Quick fixes are fine for home makeovers. But not for people that need to make a lifestyle change.


And in case you're wondering why I feel so strongly about this, I know a thing or two about this subject. At one point in my life I lost focus, became overweight and eventually wanted to make a change for the better.

So I regained my focus, started eating healthier and started exercising. In 8 months I lost 85#. No diets. No drugs. No pills, tonics, gyms or gimmicks. I made changes in small increments and formed new habits. Wasn't easy, but hello!!! nothing in life ever is.

Not glamorous in the least and no one will ever make a reality show based on what I did. Which is a shame, because it was all about reality!

How Much Is Too Much?

The last 28 hours have not been all that great. I want to write about it but part of me wonders how much is too much?

At what point does what I say on my blog spill over into the TMI description? Bloggers run the gamut, to be sure. Some blog about their every last little quirk or fear or thought and some are so far to the opposite end that you least I do...if they are even human. Sometimes I read blogs that totally gross me out with their personal info...and I’m not easily grossed out at all.

The two caveats I’ve had for my blog are to stay away from posting about #1 work and #2 romantic relationships. Only 3 co-workers know about my blog...maybe 4 clients are in the know as well...and of those 7, just 1 reads this regularly...right Scottie?? :-)

So therein lies the rub. What to do....what to do?

Ah, what the hell? Here’s the dirt! If it’s TMI, you can always leave.

What I thought was food poisoning turned out to be one of my GERD attacks...probably the worst I’ve ever had. Seriously thought I was gonna die. Passed out twice in between puking from the pain...once in the upstairs bathroom...the 2nd time in my truck on the way to the ER. Very luckily, I passed out before I put the truck in reverse...thank you God. Wasn’t out for very long, but long enough. It hurt so much I just couldn’t think clearly. Yeah, I should have called a friend...or duh..maybe an ambulance?...but like I said, I just wasn’t 100%.

Finally started to feel better after midnite. Was doubling up on the Protonix and they eventually kicked in.

For the most part, stress triggers my attacks. I’ve come so far in treating it from the way it used to be...4-5 times per week back when I was married, to 4 times in 1 year when I moved out into my own twice in a little over the 18 months I’ve been in my new house. Four times I’ve gone to the ER and spent the night getting everything back to normal. And then there was last night...when I thought I was dying.

And this part is really bizarre or maybe in retrospect it was some part of what triggered it...all I could think about was what would happen if I died and hadn’t voted yet...or what would happen if I was hospitalized and couldn’t vote? It was all I could think about. I guess it's true that the election has become my # 1 Priority. That and the other question that ALWAYS comes up whenever I am sick or at my possible lowest emotionally or mentally...and that question is ‘Am I living up to my potential’. Am I doing what I need to do for myself and my life and what I believe in and hope for? Yup, that’s what goes thru my brain. It’s all about me, it seems, and my ongoing eternal quest to achieve my goals and push myself.

Really wanted to blog about this last night, but couldn’t. Really wanted to call some of my close buddies, but wasn’t able to speak. Wanted to send emails to a select few that I seem to send frequent emails to lately, but that required too much energy and I was a zombie at that point. Also wanted to call my Mommy and Daddy (corny but true...and I don't call them Mommy and Daddy in real life...I'm not THAT lame!!) but they are early-to-bed-types and even tho they live in CA it was much too late.

Sooooo...thank God for GREENDAY. Listening to my music slowly made me feel better...regulated my breathing, improved my mood, relaxed me. And then I fell asleep.

Today was really hectic at work. Stressful to be sure, especially catching up from having left early on Weds, but I stayed focused and didn’t let it get the best of was tough, especially at the end of the day with calls coming in fast and furious and EVERYTHING was an emergency....and those things in day-to-day recruiting that you just don’t have any control over. I have a daily call list I have to complete before I leave...and if I don't, I run the risk of losing's sales...I'm used to it!

Was STARVED all day...that’s usually the reaction the day after an episode...felt like I hadn’t eaten in a week. Had lunch at Panera...reading and soup always seem to make me long as I don’t spill on my reading material!

Back at work, my cell kept ringing in my purse during the most hectic part of the afternoon (we’re asked not to use our cell phones at our desk so I couldn’t answer it) and by the time I was ready to leave...7:15 as opposed to my usual 5:30...I was finally able to check my cell and take a quick glance at my personal email...we’re not supposed to do that either but with all the political stuff going on I was like ‘what the hell’, get over it!!

Dropped off some Castor literature and signs at the Kerry/Edwards office in Delray Beach...was SUPPOSED to do that yesterday...sorry Frank and Rita :-(...and then it was at long last time to come home after stopping to grab dinner.

Now I’m just sitting here...blogging and half-way listening to Aaron Brown...just marking time until Jon Stewart graces the tube.

Tomorrow is a Friday. Payday. Dress down day which means it’s ‘shorts and baseball cap, baby!’ day. I absolutely LIVE for casual days.

So that’s what’s been going on that I wanted to share. Maybe TMI...maybe not.

I’m sure you’ll tell me either way!

Pure Energy

I'm noticing so much pure, passion-driven energy in these last days prior to our election. Saw it at the Beastie Boy concert last the news...on the blogs....tons of K/E bumperstickers and signs all over Palm Beach County...and at our Betty Castor meetup tonite.

There is a groundswell out there and my eternal hope is that it will translate into an overwhelming landslide for Kerry...a landslide the likes of which we've never seen before. Maybe not a realistic thought, but it's my blog, dammit, so there! :-)

So many people I talk with, NEED for Kerry and Edwards to win this thing hands down. Starting with the Deaniacs that wanted their country back, so many people that were never political before have become energized...passionate...committed...and are on a mission to do what it takes to return our country back to its rightful owners...we, the People!

This passion is a dynamic feeling. Haven't felt this alive since the weeks leading up to the March primaries and my Deaniac group was in full-swing.

Keep up the good work, guys! We WILL win this thing...we HAVE to...I can't begin to imagine our future if we don't.

Failure is not an option.

Why I Love Jon Stewart & The Beastie Boys

Jon Stewart....tells it like it is on CROSSFIRE. He's even funnier tonite on TDS (THE DAILY SHOW) as he recaps his stellar appearance on CROSSFIRE.

Beastie Boys (who gave a kick-ass concert, I might add) excoriated Bush no fewer than 8 times tonite...they showed the Wil Farrell anti-Bush spoof and repeatedly urged everyone to get out and vote.

The audience was filled with tons of anti-Bush T-shirts and other made me feel good to know that I'm not the only one that's beyond passionate about this election.

Music, Democracy, Jager and Politics.

I've had a really great nite!!

Ch-ch-check It Out

There will be no blogging tonite. Why??? The Beastie Boys are in town and I have FREE tickets!

Am up early to prepare...gotta get the cooler ready, throw in ice, Amstel Lights, Jager, shot glasses, some Cokes and make a run during lunch to get Gentleman Jack samples...for the Coke! Leaving straight from work to pick up a friend and then we're off!

Have never been to one of their concerts but have come to like their music over the last couple of months! From the looks of their set list from the Voodoo Fest show in New Orleans, should be a killer time!

Quiet House

Did the usual when I came home from work.

Brought in the mail, watched Tom Brokaw, then Anderson Cooper, blogged for a bit and half-way during Keith Olbermann I decided that I was 'media'd out'.

So I turned off the TV and have been sitting here in almost total silence ever since. Just the clicking of the keys as I type and the occasional noises of doors opening and shutting on my AOL IM.

Silence is nice for a change.

All of the roomies are off doing their own thing and it's wonderful to have the place to myself.

Just one phone buddy Tom temporarily transplanted up to Tallahassee...he's hooked up with an active Kerry group and seems to be enjoying himself. And oh yeah...HAD to call my buddy Bruce to let him know a brand new Apple Mini-Store is opening in Santa Rosa this weekend. Bruce has no internet...or internets for that matter...and I have been trying to convince him to come over to the good side and become a Mac owner. It's ALL good...and his life will never be the same.

So yeah, other than talking with them, no phone calls.

And I just now realized that I forgot about dinner...knew there was something I was forgetting but couldn't figure out what.

See what silence will do to you??

That, and getting your heart crushed by someone you never should have trusted in the first place.

Buddies In The Blogosphere

One of the best benefits of having a blog is the education and information you get from the blogosphere. I’ve learned more about politics in the last six months from blogs than I’ve learned form all other sources in my pre-blog life.

Dailykos is one of my all-time favorite political blogs. I start and end my day with a trip to Dkos. And along the way I find great posts by other Kossaks that say what I want to say when I don’t know how to say it.

This post from Bryan( WHY KERRY (AND EDWARDS) ARE CONSISTENT ON IRAQ... ) says what i’ve felt in my gut all along. I would bet more money than I have that you would never see a breakdown like this on any one of the major networks...and definitely not on Fox.

Bloggers have raised the bar on accurate, thorough and truthful communications....(well, at least truthful for the most part) I wouldn’t call it reporting...more like sharing.

I know from my own blog that blogging is a labor of love and passion and a feel for what moves and inspires you. Very rarely do bloggers blog for bucks. And maybe that's what makes bloggers like Bryan and Curt and Jesse & Ezra and the rest of the bloggers out there so interesting.

And so damn addictive!

One Of Those Tell-All Emails

You know those emails ya get...a friend sends them to you with 25 facts about themselves and you are supposed to copy the email, add your own answers then send the email off to your nearest and dearest?

Well, I did another one tonite...and thought I'd share it with you!

Sea Ranch area of CA...on the coast in Medocino
County....or Santa Barbara,CA

Tank tops

I've always liked the name Kasey...used it as a fake
name at work when we used to have fake names
makes me feel happy and always changes
depending on my mood.

Dr.'s office

Normally my cell alarm goes off at 7:30...if it's a
weekend, I'll wake up on my own around 10 or 10:30

The fridge...hands down!
Animal abuse, child abuse and dimwitted Republicans
who see nothing wrong with GWB.




Nancy Drew series

Winter in FL...Spring in CA

Read minds...without a doubt!

No tats...never getting one


Noah...just HOW did he clean up after all those


Emergency kit, 2 collapsible folding chairs, first aid
kit, spare roll of paper towels and 2 emergency
garbage bags (for when your drunk friends can't wait
until they make it home)

Hamburger from Steak 'n' Shake or In'n'Out in CA

Kelly or Jillian or John

Not sure...probably not Abby since she sent it to me

Absolutely Amazing Abby :-)

Calvin and comics count???

My mom's meatloaf
Read to your kids every day for as many years as you

The Archangel Gabriel

Two years ago today the earth lost an angel. An Archangel, actually.

Gabriel and Bruce were loving partners for close to 12 the last 8 years as a committed couple.

The story of how they met is a true love story...a classic.

Bruce was volunteering at a local AIDS hospice and met Gabriel, who was literally days, if not hours, away from dying. Bruce spoke no Spanish. Gabriel spoke limited English. A connection was made. Then slowly the miracle played out. Gabriel started to improve. Day by day, Bruce would visit, they would try and communicate, and before long Gabriel was in remission and eventually left the hospice. The doctors were stunned and Bruce was relieved.

And the friendship grew.

Back then, Bruce and I were in touch infrequently. I'd call every couple of months, he'd promise he'd write soon (HAH!) then when I would call several months later it was always the same old story..'well, I started a letter to's around here somewhere'! And so it went. He'd tell me about Gabriel and say how we'd have to meet soon.

I was away on a trip out of the country for 3 weeks and returned to find an invitation to their commitment ceremony which was being held the day after I'd returned. Was crushed that I'd not gotten more notice...and was aggravated beyond belief that one of our mutual friends was boycotting the ceremony...seems the friend's wife (who absolutely adored Bruce) had a conflict between her love of Bruce and her strict fundamentalist religious views. She didn't want to be part of 'celebrating' an occasion that Bruce would 'burn in hell for'.

Sadly, her views were shared with Bruce and what should have been one of the happiest days of his life was clouded by this friend's(?) opinion. Nevertheless, the ceremony was held, Bruce and Gabriel were happy 'committed' and many well-wishers were present to share their day.

And they DID live happily ever after...with the 'after' coming long before they wanted it to.

Finally got to meet Gabriel right before we moved to FL. It was arranged that we would meet in Palo Alto for dinner. So my husband and I waited in the Borders Books in Palo Alto for what seemed like an enternity...this was before cell phones were rampant...then there they were!

Gabriel was very petite....barely 5 feet, gorgeous dark skin, (Bruce SO has a thing for sexy Hispanics), a smile that would light up New York...and I hugged him so hard he almost passed out! It was wonderful to finally meet him...and the smile on Bruce's face at seeing me said it all...he was IN LOVE! BIGTIME!! And love was good.

We had dinner at CPK and had the best time. Gabriel retold the story of how he met Bruce...and ended it by pointing to Bruce and saying ‘it’s all his fault’. Yep, it was all Bruce’s fault that he gave Gabriel a reason to live...and inspired him to live...and contributed to the miracle that enabled them to live a happy life together. You should have seen Bruce’s smile when he said those words.

After dinner we went back across the street to browse at Borders. Gabriel loved Martha Stewart...collected her magazines and books and was talking about recipes he wanted to make...Gabriel loved to cook...and Bruce loved to eat.

The night ended with lots more hugs and promises to visit us in FL.

Then we moved, kept in touch over the years, and once Bruce was close to surprising Gabriel and bringing him to FL for a vacation.

But Gabriel was sick again. And had to quit his job. And just when things weren’t looking good at all, he’d get better. Yep, all Bruce’s fault.

About two years ago in Sept I had recently separated and moved into my own place. Called Bruce and Gabriel the day I moved....left a silly message for them and asked them when the HELL they were gonna get their butts to FL? Didn’t hear back, so left them another message. Then another. Then figured they were busy so I stopped calling for awhile.

Mid October I had the strangest feeling that I needed to call Bruce and Gabriel...but never got around to it. And right before Halloween, Bruce left a tearful message asking me to call him asap...he had something sad to tell me.

Seems Gabriel had taken a quick turn for the worse. He had been sick for quite a while and I hadn’t known about it. Bruce was devoting all his time to caring for Gabriel and everything else took it should have.

There was time enough for Gabriel’s family to fly in from Mexico. For that Bruce was truly thankful. And they were all together in his hospital room for the final days.

Bruce and I talked a lot that night and over the next several months we kept in touch more frequently. We talked continuously about Gabriel when Bruce visited me this last April. And we talked about today being the two year anniversary of Gabriel's death just a couple of days ago.

I called Bruce awhile ago (halfway thru writing this) to tell him that I was thinking of him and I loved him and to never forget that ‘ it was all his fault’.

Gabriel had asked me to always remind Bruce of that when the day came that Gabriel was no longer around to do it for himself.

Promise kept, Archangel Gabriel.