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iPod 101

Couldn't fall I pulled out my iPod to hopefully lull me to snoozeland while listening to my fave tunes.

Word to the wise....always check the volume level BEFORE me on this one.

And since we are talking about iPods, have you seen the new iPod commercial where the dude is walking down the street by the dancing billboards???

As if!!

YOU try gyrating and flailing and rockin out like the iPod listeners in the collective billboards and you just know there is NO WAY IN HELL those standard issue earbuds are staying put.

Am I right????

My truck is clean...

and I am beyond happy!

Nothing like having a spotlessly clean windshield and a shiny hood as you drive along...a total mood-improver (oh wow...made up word!!)

I'm a cleanaholic to begin with...make that a streamlined cleanaholic. Abhor clutter and junk. The carpet in my backseat still looks brand new...not too shabby for 3+ years of use. Have a metallic purple CD holder and travel pack of hand-wipes on the driver side door, nothing in the passenger side door, and other than gum and spare change (each in their own customized purple container) in the center console my front seat is bare.

And now it's bare AND spotlessly clean.

It's the little things in life, ya know???

My Republican Buddies

It wasn't until I started campaigning for Howard Dean that I discovered just how many of my friends, co-workers and family members were Repubs...who knew???

Prior to getting involved with Dean, I was a do-nothing Dem...always voted Dem but never got involved with anything more than voting on election day. Politics was something I never discussed with anyone else cause I was never really interested in it.

Now that I've had a political conversion, I am amazed by how many Repubs I do know and heartened by how many of them are incredibly upset with Bush. No, make that incredibly PISSED at Bush. These are long-time Repubs that feel betrayed...they think 41 is God....and are annoyed that 43 is so far from being the God they thought he would be.

They are taking this personally and most I have engaged in discussion are having strong doubts about voting for Bush....yet say there is no way they can vote for Kerry. One even said if he pulled the lever for Kerry he knew God would strike him dead in the voting booth. I told him I'm sure God is pissed at Bush as well for speaking on behalf of God without his permission.

Anyway, what are my Repub friends to do?

The way I see it, they have 3 options.

* Don't vote
* Vote Kerry ...with Bush you know what the next 4 years will be like...with Kerry, we have a chance at survival.
* Vote Bush and live with the guilty conscience you'll have once Bush finishes running our country into the ground. And put up with a lifetime of I-told-you-so's from those of us that warned you.

Look, my perfect candidate is still Howard. But we need Kerry in order to get to a better place. So it's Kerry I'm voting for and Kerry I'm encouraging others...especially vote for. He's our only hope at this point.

Betty Castor ROCKS!!!

Having a house party (my first political event ever!!) for Betty Castor this Thursday night!

Why Betty? Here's why!

First time I heard about Betty was at one of my Dean Group meetings...and yeah, Dean was no longer actively campaigning at this point but I just can't bring myself not to have his name in our group's title.

Betty's son Frank and his wife Rita (and their two adorable and incredibly well-behaved daughters) gave a short talk about Betty and her accomplishments. As soon as Frank finished speaking, I knew Betty was the candidate for me. Several weeks later we were lucky enough to have Betty speak to our group and I was blown away by everything about her. Her honesty. Her integrity. Her accomplishments. Her wonderful sense of humor and presence. Betty is everything I would hope for in a candidate.

Attended the Senatorial debates at the Kravis last month...this time got to meet other Betty supporters before the event and afterwards joined her campaign supporters at O'Shea's. Met Chris, Jeremy, Betty's husband Sam Bell (what a great guy he is!!) and yes, I got to meet Betty.

And yes, she ROCKS! She asked our group what we thought of the debate...and my answer to her was that I personally loved that she was herself...Betty being Betty and the 'boys' being...well, the 'boys'. And so I got brave and told Jeremy I would have a house party for Betty.

Personally, after having been a Tupperware Mgr for 7 years when I lived in San Jose, house parties are nothing new for me. I shouldn't be freaking, but let me tell you I am MAJORLY freaking cause I want everyone to be as impressed about Betty as I am and I want to have all my guests (which right now won't be many :-( ) to fall head-over-heels in love with Betty the candidate and be willing to help with whatever it takes to get her into office.

Betty is fantastic, her staff is wonderful and I am incredibly impressed with her entire campaign. We need her to succeed in FL...and FL needs her way more than she needs us. We MUST HAVE Betty representing us.

Please check her out and help if you can :

Tell her that Kath sent you!

Bush's Speech

Watched it while eating dinner...pretty much ruined my appetite.

Bottomline, I really can't believe this guy was the best the Republican party had to offer as a candidate 4 years blows me away. After almost 4 years in office, he can't read a teleprompter to save his life. His speech was nothing new and had no real news in it. Nothing but a poor attempt to sway the populace to his side and boost his lackluster ratings in the polls. Three times he mentioned Abu Ghraib by name.....with three different pronunciations, no less. For someone who's been aware of this since January, doncha sorta kinda think he might know how to pronounce the name of the prison by now??

This 'speech' was so wrong on so many levels. IMHO, he was condescending. He talked to us like we were stupid gradeschoolers. He droned. He fidgited. He bored me to tears.

For once, why can't he just ditch the teleprompter and look us directly in the collective eye and say "I SCREWED UP AND I AM SO DAMN SORRY!! I want him to act Presidential. I want him to rise to the occasion. I want him to be a leader...a true leader, not just Cheney's puppet.

Yeah, I know...pipedream, huh??

Way To Go, Howard!

My buddy Howard signed up for Nursing School today.

While advanced education is always an admirable goal, for Howard it is even more so. As one of my best buddies (and co-workers) for over 4 years, he's taken control of his life by going in a completely different direction from where he is now. In essence, he is starting 41! (And yeah, you totally look not a day over 35...I'll swear to that!)

Not wishing to divulge what our specific line of work is, let's just say that thanks to George Bush and his 'Iraqi Folly', the economy has trashed our industry. While the people at our company are great, the tough times we've been through as a company have not been good for our clients and DEFINITELY not good for the salesforce.

After several years of discussing 'what we wanted to do when we grow up', Howard stopped talking and started doing.... and signed up for 3 grueling prerequisite classes (plus labs) in addition to his full-time job. And now, with an A- average, he awaits Nursing School.

He definitely has a long road ahead of him, no question there. But the fact he decided to move forward and re-write his life story, full well knowing it won't be easy, is beyond admirable. Takes guts to make that type of change in your life.

So WTG, Buddy. I'm proud of you :-)

Sprucing Up My Place...

OK, slept in yesterday and was basically a lazy slug all day...FELT GREAT!!

And while I must have been totally exhausted last night 'cause I slept until just past noon, I am doing SO MUCH better today in terms of being productive.

Spent the last hour attacking the screened-in patio. It has a Mexican Tile floor which I swept, hosed down, swiffered then hosed down again to get rid of the residue. Swiffered the patio chairs then doused them with water. Am now waiting for the floor to dry so I can go out and re-arrange the patio chairs and tables then douse the tiles once more. My resident lizard Sentry is alarmed by the renovation...he's jumping from ledge to plant then back...puffing out his red throat every time I look out at him.

Once I'm finished with the back patio, it'll be time to start on the front patio. That will be simpler since I just have to remove the dead palm tree ( I so have a black thumb) sweep and douse the patio, water the one living plant and sweep the side walls.

After that, commence the Sunday laundry routine...load of whites, darks, sheets, towels...and I'll be done for the week.

Re-thinking my use of water and gasoline. While it's difficult when I have puppies, I try and limit myself to laundry one day a week. And as far as driving goes, have made it a point to stay at home one day a weekend. That's my non-consumer day. Don't drive and don't spend....helps my gas consumption as well as my budget. Plus, I absolutely love my house and am perfectly content to spend the day watching HGTV, sports, reading, internetting, cleaning and just plain vegging.

OK, break time over...back to the patio!

Lazy Day...

Today started just like every other Saturday.

I slept late.

No puppies to wake me up (moment of silence at missing Munckin and Sam...sigh) so I got caught up on all the shut-eye I needed. Rolled out of bed about 10:30 then came downstairs to watch the last 15 minutes of 21 Grams that I missed when I fell asleep on the couch the night before. Superb acting but boy did the characters disgust me. Anytime I watch a movie where the characters chain-smoke I get totally grossed out....cannot stand smoking in person or in the movies...turns my stomach.

And on that bright note, basically vegged all day from that point on.

Cheerios for breakfast, calls from the Binkster and Bill, sorted thru magazines, buffed my kitchen counters and dusted the dining room table and that was the extent of my housework for the day. And the extent of any work for the day.

Flyers won...go Philly...they are tied 2-2 with the TB Lightning...and HGTV had lots of cool organinzing and decorating shows to check out. Lunch was PBJ & 2 glasses of mik.... was never really hungry after that until 11-ish...and by then it was too late to eat so I had another glass of milk. Late night call from Bruce. Told him he'd look better without his mustache. Seems two other friends had just told him the same thing so now he is considering shaving it off. No further decluttering progress on his house...he said he's been busy. So I didn't nag...all in good time.

Raining here in FL...the hot and humid weather is here. Winter was wonderful while it lasted.

Watching Lakers vs. Spurs. Lose Lakers, lose!!

So this has been my day. Boring as all get out, but relaxing as hell. And I'm exhausted...go figure!

Nitey-night and sweet dreams. :-)

What I would love to see...

Have seen a Kerry ad and a Bush ad in the last 10 minutes.

The Kerry ad shows Kerry in Viet Nam. Several pictures of Kerry in Viet Nam. Endorsements from men who served with Kerry in Viet Nam. Yep, seems like Kerry WAS in Viet Nam. And we have proof!

The Bush ad talks about 'No Child Left Behind'. Pathetic choice, since 'NCLB' has resulted in thousands of children that HAVE been left behind.

What I would like to, make that LOVE to see.... is an ad with footage of Bush with his National Guard unit. What about members who served with him in his National Guard unit. Is there not ONE person out there that remembers serving with GWB? Not one??

Wear Red For Freedom Friday

(Found this on my DFA site. Worth a try...I'm going to do it...will you??)

My name is Nadia Jensen and I have an idea for a quiet revolution.
Please take 5 minutes to read my email and then help me if you can: Here's some history behind this idea: When Norway was occupied by Germany in 1940, Norwegian women began to knit RED caps for children as a way of letting everyone know that they did not like what was happening in their country, that they didn't like having their freedom taken away by the Nazis.

My great aunt, Karin Knudson Myrstad, was one of the women who knit red caps for her children and others.  Similarly, in Denmark, women knit red-white-and blue caps (colors of the Allies) for the very same reason.

The result was that whenever Norwegians and Danes left their homes --to go to the store, to work, etc, they could see that THE MAJORITY opposed what was going on in their country. As you know, both countries organized effective Resistance efforts and changed history -- everything that happened began simply by wearing red!!!! (or the colors of the Allies, in Denmark).

I believe, as many of us do, that at the very heart of our democracy is our right to oppose certain policies of our government.  Increasingly, our Government is redefining "freedom" in ways that make too many Americans perceive that it is risky to oppose his policies -- and, in particular, current inroads about individual freedoms and policies in the U.S. and abroad.

However, many of us DO oppose what our government is doing to individual rights--and I have an idea that will allow all of us to recognize each other very easily so we can see that WE ARE THE MAJORITY.
SO... I have been thinking that it's time to take action in a way that is effective and easy for all of us to do:
Just wear red every Friday between now and election day.

Wear a little or a lot-- just be sure that when you leave your house to go about your day -- to work, to school, to the store, to the gas station, wherever you go in your daily routine -- that everyone who sees you will see that you are wearing red because you believe in freedom and you don't agree with our current administration's policies at home and abroad. I'm really certain that we'll see that lots of us wearing red for freedom -- because WE ARE THE MAJORITY. We just need a way to show each other who we are!!! Between now and election day, ask everyone you know to wear red for "Freedom Fridays".

I have already spread the word to friends and have had a very enthusiastic response. This email has been forwarded around the country by many who receive it - feel free to send in on to your friends and co-workers.
Nadia Jensen

Goodbye Puppies :-(

This is my last night of having Foster Puppies.

Today we had a 'Spa Day', complete with a warm bubble baths and 'pawdicures' for both Sam and Munchkin...I always like to return them clean, fluffy and fresh-smelling! We've spent lots of time playing, cuddling, hanging on the couch and playing some more.

Bright and early tomorrow I will load them back into their travel kennel and return them to the Humane Society where both will undergo spay and neuter surgeries in anticipation of going off to their new homes.

Sam will be adopted by a co-worker and by this time tomorrow night he will be recuperating in his new house with a new name 'Bailey' and a new mommy named Melanie. As for little Miss Munchkin, the 3 co-workers that were interested in her had to pull out at the last second, so she will be waiting for that perfect person to come along and see her darling little face and her black and white mini-cow markings and fall head-over-heels in love with her and take her home as their friend for life.

Walking out of the Humane Society tomorrow morning will be the absolute hardest part of being a Foster Mommy...even harder than cleaning up puppy poop. Leaving a large chunk of my heart behind with my kids is part of the process. And I'll probably cry for a minute or two as I drive to work.

I know I am doing a good thing. I love doing it. And I love the feeling of having two adorable critters for two weeks then being able to return them. It breaks my heart, but I do it anyway. It never gets easier. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Worked on a heart-felt Mother's Day post that took me two hours to carefully craft and hopefully do justice to my Mom. Then my iBook crashed as I hit save.

So here's the Cliff Notes version...

Hey Mom...I love you, you rock, and I wouldn't have any other mother in the world. You (and Dad) are my ultimate heroes and I am so proud to call you my parents.

Love always,

The Meece xo:-)

Busy Week...

Lots has happened this week but Sam and Munchkin are all I've blogged about...

Monday night was the Democratic Senatorial Debate at the Kravis Center. Betty Castor, Congressman Peter Deutsch and Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penellas are running for Bob Graham's soon-to-be-vacant seat in the Senate.

Monday was also one of the wettest days we've had in AGES! Between leaving work on time, getting home to take care of puppies and driving up to WPB in rainy commute traffic I managed to make it in time to meet some Castor supporters before the debate began. Time management was definitely on a roll!

Sat with Tom at the Debate...we were surrounded by Deutsch and Penellas supporters. At one point during the debate, the Deutsch supporter next to me shrunk down in his seat, embarrassed by the relentless bashing Deutsch gave to Penellas for not supporting Gore in the 2000 elections. It made me cringe as well. The first time Deutsch brought it up was definitely a valid point, but he just wouldn't let it go....he went on and on and on like some droning political energizer bunny...maybe energizer donkey would be a better analogy.

Tom also filled me in on Penellas' horrific treatment of demonstrators in Miami...seems under his leadership the police force used brutal tactics on several occasions.

Overall, Castor made the best impression on me. She is intelligent, smart (definitely two separate qualities), qualified and experienced...having her in the Senate would be a coup for all Floridians. Penellas seemed way too poised, almost bordering on slickly-smarmy. And Deutsch kept droning on and on about his 23 years in pulic service...blah blah blah!

Once the debate ended, the Castor contingent migrated over to O'Shea' to talk with Betty, her husband and several members of her staff. Signed up to host a house party for her...have never done one but there is a first time for everything...and now is when it matters most. If you're going to be in the area 27 May, let me know and I'll give ya directions! And bring a speakerphone if you have one cause I don't!

Chatted with Frank at the end of the day on Tuesday. Have known him since 6th grade. He was my boyfriend in 8th grade and on-again, off-again through high school. And while marriage was assumed by some (including me), other circumstances beyond my control killed my hopes of marriage and almost killed our friendship as well...almost, but not quite.

Anyway, he stunned me by announcing he had recently joined the Young Republicans. NO FUCKING WAY. He is a SMART could he do this? Said he was going to put a yard sign for Bush in his front yard. I don't know why, but his words had the physical reaction of a sucker punch....the hugest sucker punch I've ever had in my life. I thought I was going to pass out. Got dizzy at my desk and after our talk ended I was beside myself. How could he? Was surprised at the intensity of my reaction. Couldn't believe our perceptions were so far apart.

Not sure if it was his comments or the leftover tuna melt I had from O'Shea's for dinner, but I felt myself getting sicker and sicker as the night went on...and was sick...very painfully and scarily so...from 1a-5a...wasn't sure if it was a heart attack, anxiety, stress....I was all doubled over, puking my guts out and my stomach felt like it was on fire. Made for a very out of it and quiet Wednesday.

Wednesday night was our DFA meetup. Sadly, the meetings are starting to sap my energy and enthusiasm. Waaaay too much tangential talking and not enough action. Add to that several attendees that just can't shut the hell up. Went on a good 45 minutes longer than it should have, even with an agenda. And perhaps the saddest moment of the night (and there were several) was when I ran into a co-worker on the way out.

Tara is a doll! 22 year old college student, bright, articulate, personable...the type of person our group would love to have join their ranks. And when she saw me, what did she say but 'Hey, are you a member of that group of old people that yells all the time'? Definitely not the way you want your group to be portrayed. It actually hurt when I heard her say that. And after the night before, my stomach had been shredded more than enough to handle any additional emotions.

Have been processing her comments and my feelings in general about who/what I've been devoting my time to and could it be better spent in other political forums or with different groups. Lots of thought but the jury is still out on that one. Was up until 4 just wondering and thinking and pondering.

Thursday woke up to a very quiet and listless Munchkin puppy. She wouldn't eat, drink, play or BITE. And I knew something had to be wrong if 'Jaws' wasn't biting. So I did what any zealous dogaholic puppy Foster Mommy would do...I smuggled her into work and had her at my desk until I left for lunch. While my company is very people friendly, it is not overly dog friendly. There was a potential to get reprimanded, but felt having her with me was worth any risk I might face.

It was like Moses parting the Red Sea. Once I entered my building I hightailed it to my desk...crate and all. The chances of that happening at 9 am without seeing a soul is almost unheard of. Put her crate under my desk and tried hard to act like nothing was out of the ordinary and I didn't have a listless little Black and White Chihuahua at my feet. She was such a good girl...not a peep the entire time she was there. Emailed Todd, Nic and Howard to let them know and ask them to keep it quiet...they all were pretty amazed I brought her to work...and of course had to come visit Her Highness and see for themselves.

The first hour and 1/2 went amazingly well...then Munchers got I put a towel on my lap, plopped her on top of it, and she zonked out. People walked by my cube saying hi to me as they passed and no one ever noticed her. Woo hoo...victory!! Of course, after a while word got out...I can't keep a puppy-related secret to save my life...about 10 people in all came by for a quick visit. Then it was time to leave to take her to the Humane Society to see the vet, so off we went thru the halls...right at lunch time.

Miracle of miracles, yet another parting of the Red Sea. Not one single employee did I run into. Never got found out. Never got caught. What a rebel, huh???? Happily, the vet checked her out and said she was fine, just run down for no apparent reason. Took her back to hang with Sam and after work she was back to her normal feisty self. Relief!!

Friday. Healthy Puppies. Payday. Friday. Enough said.

So now that I've caught you up on my life and what's been going on in it, time to call it quits for now. Am beyond tired. And it's been a busy week.

Steel Toe Boots and Shark-Resistant Gloves....

Yeah, that's what I need to survive these days.

Sam (soon to be Bailey, more about that later) and Munchkin's teeth are IN. OUCH! They have attacked my hair, nose, face, lips, arms, hands and you can't forget the always popular and ever handy ankles and feet. If I had a dollar for every time I've said 'no bite' in the last 10 days I would be blogging to you from the National Opera House in Australia! And if we add in the amount of times I've said 'get off the carpet', I would be on a year-long vacation!

While these pupsters have been a handful, they have also been incredibly funny and fun to have around.

Managed to find Sam a new of my co-workers came over a week ago to see both puppies, thinking she would take Munchkin the Chihuahua mix...but once she saw Sam it was love at first sight. So she will be adopting Sam and renaming him Bailey...and I will be lucky enough to help this little boy find a good home AND get to see him grow up into a wonderful dog. Am trying like mad to find a home for Munchie as well...several people at work have expressed interest, so we'll see what happens between now and Monday morning when I take them back.

My Puppy Chronicles will soon come to a close for this pair...then I'll take a month or so off and get ready to do it all over again.

Thank God for tile floors, Swiffer Wet Mop sheets and Chlorox scented wipes is all I can think of right now.

Nitey nite.

Stream of thoughts...

* My dad told me that my youngest brother has a "BUSH' sign on his front lawn. Oh no! What is this world coming to??

* Saw 'The Good Girl' last night. Got it to see Jake Gyllenhaal... and was surprisingly amazed by Jennifer Anniston's performance. 180 degrees from the 'Rachel' character on 'Friends. Jake was impressive as well...what else is new?? Got stuck on him after watching 'Donnie Darko' 10+ times...would get a DVD of Jake reading the phone book...Jake staring into space...Jake sleeping...oh yeah :-) ...ok, my bday is 12/ you know what I want :-)

* After thinking about it for ages, found really cool plastic squirt containers at "Organized Living'. Wanted to get the shampoo, conditioner and body wash el gigantico containers out of the shower (they fall on the tile floor ALL THE TIME and crack then leak) and transfer them into the more aesthetically pleasing and label-less blue, teal and purple (yeah, you know purple had to be in there) squeezie thingies. Seems I am all about aesthetics labels, just streamlined simpleness and the colors I prefer to have in my surroundings. Plus, the containers were only $1.49 ... SWEET!!

* My buddy Bruce told me yesterday he was planning to fill a friends truck with a load of clutter and things he wants to get out of his house and take it to the dump today. YAY BRUCE!! He wants his house back so he can start living again by having friends over. Wish I lived close enough to help him.

* Tom moved to St. George (AKA Kath, it's just an hour away from Vegas!) this weekend. Still livin in the land of the Mo's. They haven't gotten to him yet...hope they never do. Tom not being Tom would be tragic.

* The batteries in my smoke detectors are beeping. High-pitched shrill scare-you-to-death-in-the-middle-of-the-night sound. CRAP. I am a chicken who has a huge fear of heights. And one of the porch lights burned out as well...which is odd since I had Nic put two in the last time they burned out so you'd think they'd both burn out together...and if that isn't enough, I have yet ANOTHER wasp family (the flying insects, not the uptight human version) on the very high ceiling of my front porch....and my ceiling fan in the living room has a really gross cobweb on it but it is 25 feet high and no way in hell am I even going to attempt to clean that one. All these height-related scary issues. Time to break down and call the handyman service I saw at last month's Home and Garden show.

* Am craving a margarita in the WORST way. And chips...with guacamole, no cilantro please. Strangely enough, have not craved fries once since I gave them up. That's progress.

Ok, enough streaming. It's a gorgeous day here in So going to the beach...and to have a margarita...or two...suggest you do the same! Maybe Jake will be at the beach...ya never know!!

Janet Reno, Puppies & Happy Birthday Trace :-)

It's been a week. Fun. Frustrating. Frantic. Focused. Fantastic.

First week of puppies is always Fun. Getting to know their personalities, moods, idiosyncracies and how quickly they learn what no means especially when it comes to staying away from the carpet. And how wonderful it feels when they are all played out and crawl into your lap, wiggle their way into your arms and fall asleep in a heartbeat. If heaven isn't two adorable puppies snoozing in your arms, well, it comes pretty close.

Tuesday night Janet Reno came to Palm Beach County. I'd never heard her speak yet always wanted to. Showed up 1/2 hour early...glad I did as seating was going fast. FRUSTRATING! It was like a side-show waiting for her to arrive. Candidates for upcoming elections canvassing the group handing out leaflets left and right. Lots of yelling back and forth from people in seats to friends they had been saving seats for. Tons of loud talkers in the audience. I'd say the huge majority of the audience was retired and most of them SEEMED to be hard of hearing 'cause all they did was yell! They yelled at each other. They yelled during the microphone check. They yelled at friends walking up and down the aisles. Whole lotta yelling going on.

But then Janet arrived and all the yelling ceased. She gave an inspired talk about how this election is, she feels, the most important election of her life. How the current administration has lied to and betrayed the trust of the American people. How getting out the vote is CRUCIAL to winning the upcoming election. Noticed she was wearing a Betty Castor sticker which was further proof that deciding to volunteer for Betty Castor was the way to go. I signed up to volunteer for Betty's campaign as soon as the event ended.

Wednesday night was FRANTIC when I had two sick puppies...with Munchkin being the sickest I have ever seen in a puppy that young AND a puppy in my care. Wednesday night was not a good night all the way around.

Work this week was very FOCUSED. Lots of challenges in particular...clients were more difficult than usual...the overall mood at work was very stressed...seeing that I had an event each night and was so under the gun to get all my callbacks done so my files wouldn't pop out of my initials...wrap up all my calls to clients AND get out of the office at 5:30 took some serious time management. The best decision of the week was to ask for Friday off cause with all the committments and events going on, not to mention sick puppies, I just knew I needed a break from work. Thank God Nic covered for me...I owe her big time!

Friday was FANTASTIC! Slept in which I REALLY needed...puppies still sick but getting to spend quality time with them in the am (after I cleaned up their crate which they destroyed) and the highlight of the day getting together w/ my buddy Trace. She's been my best friend for 15 years. Moved to Miami 3 1/2 years ago after meeting a guy in a seminar while she was in So FL to visit me. (Thank you God..and Denys!!)

Trace's birthday was last week and between her busy schedule (and she lives in Miami) and my busy schedule (I live an hour away from Miami) this was the first time we've seen each other in 2 months. Always great hanging out with her...had a late lunch at Chevy's (ahh...memories of when we both used to live in California) to catch up on stuff and gossip and her life as a newlywed and just catch up on our lives in general. All too soon I had to head back home to do puppy care and be in WPB for a 7:30 meeting.

The highlights and lowlights of my week so far. Sam is howling and awake from his nap and Munchkin is screaming as well.

Gotta fly. Cya.