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April 2004

Atrocities in Iraq

Utter sadness on the murders in Iraq today. It wasn't bad enough that they killed our people. No, they had to set them on fire, beat them, and drag their bodies thru the streets. I cannot fathom the incredible heartbreak this must have caused for the families of the dead. And I cannot believe how angry this has made me.

George Bush, what do you have to say about this tragedy? What do you say to their families and friends and loved ones left behind? What would you tell them? I really want to know.

I am no political analyst. I am not articulate like the people in my Dean group. I am nowhere near as savvy as the contributors on the numerous blogs I visit. But I am angry. And I vote. And I persuade others to vote.

I will promise you this, George Bush. I will do everything in my power to get you out of the White House. You have no business running this country and you certainly had no business getting us into war. You are not good for our country. You are not good for me.

214 days to go. Start packing.

Happy Birthday To My Truck!

Three years ago today I brought my new truck home. Some people call it an SUV, some a car...all I know when I was shopping for 'it' I told the sales guy I wanted to buy a car and he said 'We don't sell cars, we sell trucks'. So truck it is and truck it has been for the last 3 years.

I must have window shopped and researched and test drove other makes and models for close to six months...yet I kept coming back to the choice I eventually made. I knew when I bought my next vehicle it HAD to have 3 things....#1-HUGE sunroof (for driving around with the top open during the winter season)...#2- In-Dash 6 CD player...oh yeah...gotta have my music...that's a must!! #3- Leather interior. Had never had leather in a car before and really wanted to try it.

So I looked high and low and here and there for the vehicle that was to be mine. The dealership in Delray Beach was yanking my chain, so I tried the dealership in Pompano Beach. Whoa, what a difference! Had a deal in 5 minutes. A very good deal! They gave me $2400 for my trade-in when I know the Kelly Blue Book was $1700 5 year 0% financing which was (and is) sweet and Chris the Service Mgr at my dealership is THE BOMB!! He always looks out for me, has been great with the few auto-related emergencies I've had, and even tho the dealership is out of my way, it's the only place I'll take my truck.

My truck (which needs a wash and wax job like you wouldn't believe) has been one of the best purchases I've made in the last 10 years. I got it at a time when I knew I'd be making lots of changes in the near future and knew I had to buy something totally reliable and dependable. Have yet to be dissapointed!

And no, I'm not one of those chicks that has a 'pet' name for their me it's always been just truck...nothing more.

But seeing as it IS 3 years old, I think I will celebrate by giving it a wash and wax tomorrow. What did you expect??? Cake and ice cream?

Nah, I'll save the cake and ice cream for Tom. And for Dominique. It's their birthday today as well!

Romance is in the air...

...if the amorous duckies outside my window are any indication! It's Spring in So FL and you wouldn't believe the action going on outside!! Ducks doing their ducky thing, frogs croaking like crazy, and yes, it seems all my chick friends are jumping on the eHarmony or bandwagon.

Ironically, just got an email from this guy that read my post on (see my first post I'd Like To Thank The Academy) asking if I knew if there was going to be a class action lawsuit against eHarmony. Seems from the results or lack thereof, it should be called eHarmoney...cause $$ seems to be what it's all about.

Told him that IMHO a class action against eHarmony would be a waste of time, at least for me anyway. To be honest (and totally not bragging here) have had much better luck with the local So FL populace (gotta love Delray Beach and the tons of 26-30 year old Software Engineers that frequent there) than I ever did on eHarmony.

In a way it's sad that class action suits are the first thing that come to mind when you don't get what you hope for from a dating it online or in person. Maybe it's the way our society has become...give us what we want or we'll sue you...not very romantic, huh?? But hey, different strokes for different folks.

It if were only as easy for the rest of us as it is for the ducks outside my window!

Another lovely weekend comes to an end...

I so love my weekends. And this weekend was no exception.

First of all, my weekends are all about me! I make the rules and I break the rules. And the #1 rule of each weekend is to SLEEP IN LATE! If sleeping was an Olympic Event, I would win the gold. So of course, slept in late on Saturday.

Then headed out to the Home and Garden Show....I mean the Home and Carson Show in WPB. Saw Carson Kressley (see Post 1/5th of the Fab Five) then afterwards Giblet & Jeff and I went to a new BBQ restaurant in Wellington....ummm ummm good! Love BBQ and all it entails. Was also really cool hanging w/ G&J :-)

Sat night watched 'Lost in Translation'...excellent movie, excellent acting and directing. Scarlett is absolutely amazing as an actor and Bill Murray...well, his name says it all. He is one of our great ones who really won't be fully appreciated until he is no longer with us...which I hope won't happen for many many years. (Friday's Netflix offering was 'Switchfoot-Live in San Diego'. Saw 'Switchfoot' at the Buzz Bake Sale in December. They totally rocked! Very high-energy band and one of my current faves).

Finished my Saturday by reading into the wee hours..."Beneath the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer. Suggested by one of my (non-Mormon) clients who used to live in UT. (Subject matter totally creeped me out) Completed the book around 1 this afternoon then decided it was finally time to get up ( I told you I liked to sleep in!!) and at least think about being productive.

Yeah, thought about it.

Other than doing one load of wash, decided this would be a total stay in and read and listen to music day. So that's what I've done all day. You owe it to yourself to check out Howie Day 'Stop All The World Now' and Incubus 'A Cow Left of the Murder'. Both excellent CD's I just can't get enough of!

Weather here in So FL is absolutely flawless right now. Have had the windows and the patio door open all enjoying it while I can cause soon enough FL will be in 'Humid Mode' for more months than I want to think about. I knew the trade-off was huge when I moved here from San Jose. Giving up PERFECT weather, earthquakes and sky-high housing for affordable housing, no earthquakes and humidity...which for those of us with long hair equates to an 8 month stretch of 'bad-hair' days. And yeah, I know we have hurricanes here. But after going thru the Loma Prieta earthquake and having my life flash before my eyes (it really DOES happen) I was willing to take my chances on hurricanes cause I just can't go thru one more huge earthquake and not totally lose it for me on this one, ok???

On tap for tonite is one of my all-time favorites...actually, it may be my ALL TIME favorite movie...'Local Hero'. Have seen it easily 20 times and this will be my first time seeing it on I am hoping there are behind the scenes footage I can check out as well.

Started reading 'This Just In..What I Couldn't Tell You On TV' by Bob Schieffer...once that is finished I have 'What Liberal Media?...The Truth About Bias and the News' by Eric Alterman and 'Winning Modern Wars' by General Wesley K. Clark...yeah, THAT Wesley Clark. All have to be returned to the library by a week from Tuesday. Sounds like alot of reading this week! Yay!!

And on that note, time to fire up the DVD player, grab a Mike's Hard Lime from the fridge, dim the lights and watch 'Local Hero'.

Have a good week!

1/5th of the Fab Five

I saw Carson Kressley today! Yippee!

Went to the 'Home and Garden Show' this afternoon with my buddy Giblet and her hubby Jeff. It was your typical homage to those things you never really knew you needed for your abode. Things like hanging dried potpourri wreaths, specialty artwork for college football fans, doors for all reasons and all seasons, and that one booth that home and garden shows everywhere MUST have on each and every aisle...the amazing aluminum cookware booth complete with guy-talking-a-mile-a-minute.

But all of that was secondary, for we were there to see Carson. Carson, the fashionista Fifth of the Fab Five aka Queer Eye For The Straight of the few shows I regularly watch. LOVE the show. LOVE Carson...and Thom...and Kyan...and Jai...and Ted. Totally love those guys like you wouldn't believe...if I could I would adopt them all in a heartbeat.

So okay, Giblet , Jeff and I take a food break then decide to be prudent and show up to the Carson venue a good 1/2 hour early, wanting to beat the crowds. Apparently the crowds were way more prudent than we figured...the place was already packed by the time we got there. But that's cool, waiting is good especially when it involves sitting in a chair after being on your feet AND constantly dodging wheelchairs and strollers for the last 2 hours!

Finally, Carson takes the stage to huge applause! What a total cutie!!!

Dressed in his signature color pink, he sports a pale pink Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, snappy blue trousers that hang PERFECTLY (he did share with us that he is a perfect sample size!) and way cool slip-on loafers...couldn't quite see them from where I sat, but one member of the audience asked if she could take a picture of them....and he happily obliged.

Carson was gracious, kind, outrageous and overall hysterically funny. Told stories about himself, the show, the other Fab Mates...the whole time he had us where he wanted us...hanging on every word. Or at least I was.

Sadly, it ended way too soon. He said he'd stay and sign autographs...many people had copies of his new book...I had no idea he even had a book out otherwise I would have stayed behind for an autograph...oh well, next time I'll be better prepared.

Thanks for the popping by, Carson. Your visit totally made my day! Come back to South Florida really soon, 'k?

Is it Friday yet??

Is it Friday yet?

Have been up until 3 am for the past four nights. Have focused on tinkering with my new blog :-) for the past three nights plus doing other stuff that piques my interest. Usually a little voice starts to kick in around midnite each night saying 'ya might want to think about going to bed now otherwise you'll be a zombie at work tomorrow". Then the other voice...the 'evil' voice...kicks in and says 'nah, you can handle'll be fine". And by the time I hit the hay around 3 the other more sensible voice that told me to go to bed earlier has been sleeping for ages.

So of course today I was totally surprise there! Still managed to do my job effectively and efficiently...that I'll always carry off...but walking without tripping was another matter. I'm pretty clumsy to begin with and even clumsier when I am out of it. Tripped going up the stairs at work, in the halls at work, at my get the idea.

All I could think of thru out the day was going home to curl up with a good book (made a library run on Tuesday) and try the new Mike's Hard Lime liquid refreshment! And Tom Brokaw, of course. It's gotta be Tom for my nightly news.

And now that I'm home?

Am rethinking the book...that will keep until tomorrow night. The Mike's Hard Lime is quite tasty...advise you pick up a sixer next time you go to the can thank me later. It is even better with Nacho Cheese Dorito's as a chaser. Tom is talking about the 9/11 issue. Sounds like Condi is going DOWN!!!

You know, the Mike's Hard Lime is INCREDIBLY yummy....might have to have one more.

Hey, Howard is on the news. He officially endorsed Kerry today. God, I miss Howard Dean. But then, you already knew that.

You know, if I take a quick nap now, I'll still have tons of time later tonite to get stuff done. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Not sure if this is a 'good voice' idea or an 'evil voice' idea...but it sounds like a GREAT idea right about now!

Sweet dreams :-)

No one died when Clinton lied.

That's a bumper sticker I saw at our supposed Democratic Unity Meetup tonite.

I say 'supposed' because it was SUPPOSED to be just that, a Democratic Unity Meeting. But I guess these days one just assumes that Democratic = Kerry.

Ok, I'll go on record by stating the following....Hi, My name is Kathy and I'm a Deaniac...and damn proud of it, I might add!! Am I bitter that Dean did not go farther?? Hell yes I'm bitter...and pissed and frustrated and thoroughly disgusted with the media, the DNC and all the crap that was thrown Dean's way.

Having said that, yeah, I am voting for Kerry. I don't want GWB in DC a second longer than he has to be so duh, no brainer that I am voting for Kerry. Getting back to tonite's meeting, the focus was supposed to be on unifying everyone. That never happened.

We met where our Dean group used to meet every Wednesday. Was great seeing familiar Dean faces in the crowd of 60+. We really have an AWESOME group...tons of energy, enthusiasm, name it, we have it in our group and I am beyond thrilled to be a part of it.

Right off the bat the meeting was all about Kerry, tho. No 'hey, are there any Dean people here we can welcome'? Any Edwards folks we don't know? Clark? Nothing remotely close to that was expressed...very sad. Not to mention an opportunity missed!

Some good things did happen. Great pitch on behalf of Betty Castor from her son, daughter-in-law and two gorgeous (and well-behaved) little grandaughters. Castor sounds like someone I can get behind...someone that knows Florida, knows what we need and has the honesty and integrity that so many public servants lack.

Adina and Bruce were there imploring people to volunteer for voter registration efforts in the Palm Beach County School system. Great people working for a great cause...and yes, in case you are wondering, I have already volunteered to help them!

At the end of the meeting...or what seemed to be the end...the whole meetings sorta simultaneously disintegrated all at group got together to strategize about what we need to do going forward.

Have a good feeling about the future of our group. Lots of potential and promise. And lots of work to do before 2 November.

Wish us luck!

We want our country back!


Ya gotta love Costco. I do!

It’s a modern day Mecca for the hunters and gatherers of the 21st century. Did a long-overdue stock up.... Protein bars, Lysol wipes (a godsend when you have puppies), toothbrushes, girlie hygiene stuff, Coke, Cheerios in a double totally cool is that???

Yeah, sometimes they don’t always have what you in point, Swiffer cloths were not available this time will have to get those at Target. Shopping at Costco is so satisfying on so many levels. The convenience (right around the corner from work), the efficiency of getting it all done at once, the selection, the challenge of getting thru the warehouse without mowing down one of the numerous elderly Palm Beach Co residents and most of all the feeling of protection that having certain items stockpiled gives me.

And ya just can’t beat the $1.59 Hot Dog and all-you-can-drink soda. Yeah, baby :-)

You can keep your malls...I'll take Costco anyday!

I'd like to thank the Academy...

Ever wonder why someone decides to start a blog? Me too! So here's my story.

During the last days of Dec 03 I decided it was time to change my life. I had been in a rut and was unhappy with the way things were going. One of my first goals was to drop the e-Harmony matches that were going nowhere. Told one guy 'thanks, but no thanks' since he wanted to move waaaaay too fast. Told the other guy 'either dance or get off the stage' cause he was moving waaaay too slow. And unlike Goldilocks, there was no 'just right' guy...but I digress!

So the guys were history and I decided to investigate via Google about this whole e-Harmony set-up...and I stumbled onto a very first. Hmmmmm. Had heard of them...these things called weblogs...and so I posted a comment, this guy Curt wrote back, and lo and behold, I was talking to a blogger.

Sounds goofy, corny and trite, but that interaction was the catalyst that got my life going in a whole new direction!

Fast forward several months. Have gone from spending 10 hours a month to 140 hours a month on the internet. I am seriously addicted to blogs these days. SERIOUSLY! Thanks to blogs, I became a Deaniac and backed a political candidate for the first time in my life. Thanks to blogs, I got involved with a local Dean group that gave me a focus for my political frustration with GWB. Thanks to blogs, I met a ton of people around the world that have inspired, motivated, encouraged and yes, frustrated me. And thanks to blogs, I have become a much happier person. And, one of my fellow Deaniacs has become my first client in my new organizing about being at the right place, at the right time!

So thanks Academy...I wouldn't be here without you.

Curt, you're the catalyst and you rock! (

My buddy Howard who listened to my endless stories of what I've learned from blogs...after each retelling he would say with a smile 'sure Kath, that's a likely story'

Kos, ( you are the standard bearer of blogosphere political analysis...or at least you are in my opinion...and it's my blog so I can say this and if others don't agree, well that's just too bad!

Zack ( you said to let you know when I got my blog up and running. Consider yourself advised.

Emily ( you are a breath of fresh air. Don't always agree with you but I always come away having learned a great deal about many of the subjects you hold dear to your heart.

Dooce ( and Jon ( do Chuck and Leta get their own blogs?

Tom...not a blogger but a fellow Deaniac who also is my first 'guinea pig' organizing client...thanks for encouraging me to not only start my blog but to start my business as well.

For all you aformentioned bloggers that might visit from time to time, and all you blog readers out there, fair warning that this is a work in progress. Am not a technical person...far from it...that's why I bought an i-Book. So no laughing anytime soon, ok??!

Stay tuned...we'll see where this venture takes me and what wonders I'll encounter along the way. Yeah, I know....a likely story, huh???