Where's Yer School Spirit?

Several months ago my sister Kelly (hi Kel!) clued me in that our high school had a website and I should sign up for it.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Funny, Kel.

Me and high school, not the best of friends. I did ok academically. Made good grades, honor roll, honor society, A/V club, Band (ok yeah...geek alert...was also the bass drummer...how geekified can you get??) but most of the time all I could think about was getting the hell out of high school.

Did I mention it was a Catholic high school? And by the time I finished I would have done 12 years hard time in Catholic school? And I pretty much gave up on all things Catholic in 2nd grade when the nuns had a fit when I insisted on calling First Holy Communion ' First Holy Cannibalism'. Hello?? Eating bodies?? Drinking blood? Sounds like cannibalism to me!

Senior year was the hardest since my best buddy Mark (no hi to you Mark since you don't read my blog...blog hater that you are!) had graduated the year ahead of me. He was also a drummer in the band but he was one of the cool drummers...so not like me. So Mark had deserted me. The guy I thought I would marry and live happily ever after with (hi Frank!) was so on-again and off-again with me that he drove me crazy and did not add any fun to my horrible Senior year.

And then finally one day I was FREEEEEE!

Graduated, got a small scholarship, and left for San Diego State University. Vowed never to go back to my high school or have anything to do with it. I was OVER it and it was history.

Bagged on all the reunions. My sister Diane (hi Di!) who graduated the same year with me (we're 11 months apart...Catholic family, I tell ya!) went to all of them and had a great time. I had a great time by not going to them.

Earlier today I happened to browse the site out of boredom. And started reading profiles. Some happy, some sad. All brought back memories. Had to laugh at the memories of Sr. Julie, who was our Dean of Discipline. Word to the wise. Irish nuns?? They would scare the devil. Trust me on that one.

Sr. Julie made our lives miserable. She ripped out skirt hems left and right. She was evil. She was mean. She was a nun. And the meanest thing she ever did to me was to try and kick me out of a band event. As a drummer, we wore matching outfits for concert band performances. Pants and yellow shirts (gay, I know!) After two such events Sr. Julie called me aside and told me the next time I wore pants to a concert band event I would be asked to go home. Beyotch!

My buddy Mark and the other drummers said that was a crock. Forget her. Wear pants, Kathy. So I did. She came over to yell at me during intermisson. She told me to leave. Mark quietly and politely told her that if I left, all the drummers would leave. She insisted. We all left. Walked out. And left the drill team stranded without a band to perform to.

Solidarity! It rocked.

The next day, Monday, I was called into her office. She apologized. Seems the fallout of not having a band to back up our award winning drill team was severe. From then on she glared at me, I avoided her and I managed to stay out of trouble for the rest of my stay at school.

Daring tales of misbehavior, I know. That's as bad as it ever got for me.

So tonite I got all warm and mushy and decided ok, what the hell, enough time has passed...time to return to the "A" family. I create a profile and even left out the fact that I am now a Jew. Then I pick some pix to upload. Tried this one.


Then this.


Even tried my Zombee picture from Halloween.

ALL of my picture choices were rejected. WTF??!!

All I can think is that somewhere, somehow, Sister Julie is laughing her evil Irish-brouged laugh. Wouldn't be surprised if her new job is ' Internet Content Censor'. Definitely more interesting than ripping skirt hems.